Wastwater: The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge!

Wastwater- The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge
Wastwater- The Ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge

While the press and social media is full of the latest craze the ultimate ice bucket challenge goes on unnoticed.

This ice bucket challenge happens over 4 million times a day with gallon buckets of water being chucked over nuclear waste at Sellafield.  The water is the best, coolest and freshest there is.

It comes from Britain’s Favourite View, Wastwater.  A lake held in perpetual slavery to the nuclear industry, echoing the fate of  the people of Cumbria.  The domestic water for people in West Cumbria is increasingly being sourced by United Utilities from bore holes while Sellafield has exclusive rights to the pristine cool fresh water of Wastwater.

The current craze for Ice Bucket Challenge has done a fantastic job of raising awareness and money for Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) .  Motor Neuron is one of the host of diseases  linked to exposure to radiation.

The real ice bucket challenge must surely be to make sure that the nuclear industry contains its radioactive emissions and that no more waste is produced?

There is not enough water even in England’s largest, coolest deepest lake to cool the heels of an out of control and expanding nuclear industry.  The Ice Bucket challenge gives a short sharp shock that we soon recover from.  Meanwhile there is a tipping point from which our DNA cannot recover  with the ongoing assault from the nuclear industry.




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