Carlisle’s Radioactive Airfreight – What are Councillors told?


Carlisle Airfreight?
Carlisle Airfreight?

Dear Councillor.

We are writing to you again regarding your decision to pass the extension
of Carlisle Airport earlier this week.

What information have councillors received regarding radioactive cargo
from Carlisle?

Carlisle Airport is licensed to carry radioactive freight. Radiation Free
Lakeland have yesterday put in a Freedom of Information request to the NDA
to ask
a.what radioactive cargo has been carried to and from Carlisle in the past
b. and what plans are there to carry radioactive cargo in the future.

MOX fuel is documented as having been flown from Carlisle Airport to the
British Government’s European customers. Given the plans for nuclear
expansion is Carlisle Airport to play a role in this and are councillors
happy with the possibility of increased radioactive flights over Cumbria
and in the vicinity of Sellafield?

Another question is what would be the whereabouts of storage of
radioactive cargo prior to air haulage?

Was this information made available to councillors making the decision to
extend Carlisle Airport and increase airfreight?

If this information was not available surely the decision made by the
Development Control Committee earlier this week is invalid?

We urge you to call in this decision.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland


NOTE there are no genuine ‘customers’ for MOX – the Japanese had to be bribed to take it at Fukushima.  The element of quid pro quo is rife in all things nuclear.

Development Control Committee Members contact details:

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