Radioactive Risks of Nuclear


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Powerful Yellow Monster: the toxic and radioactive heavy metal,  Uranium 238 lies buried deep in the earth. There are three types of uranium mining. The vast open cast mine, the underground mine and in-situ mining which injects toxic chemicals into the earth to separate the uranium from the surrounding rock. Each of these methods produces vast quantities of toxic waste for each ton of uranium ore ripped out of the earth.



Surely new nuclear doesn’t use fresh uranium? Yes it does. New uranium would arrive at Springfields, Preston to make into fuel. The waste from that process would be dumped in the river Ribble and Clifton Marsh. Waste then leaks into the environment and the food chain. People living in the area are called “receptors” by the industry.



Nuclear Power generates radionuclides of a kind and scale not seen in nature on a routine basis. The routine releases increase when the reactor is refuelled, or when accidents happen. Releases to air include Tritium, Americium, Krypton, Xenon and Radioactive Carbon. Releases to water and air from Sellafield reprocessing include Plutonium, Cesium, Technetium, and Strontium 90. Each of these radioactive elements attaches to certain parts of the body e.g. Strontium 90 to the bones, Cesium to the heart, and Iodine 131 to the thyroid.


And then there are Radiation Linked Diseases

The industry runs a “Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases” for the workers. Radiation is the only known cause of leukemia. High level nuclear waste needs to be isolated from humans and the environment for millennia.


We don’t need or want radiation from nuclear in the environment




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