Radioactive Risks of Fracking





Deep down in the earth there’s lot of radioactivity. This is safe so long as it remains buried. The technical term is NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Thorium 232 and Uranium 238 decay to Radon (Rn), Radium (Ra) and Polonium (Po) isotopes. The decay of Thorium 232 and Uranium 238 to Radon, Radium and Polonium, drives the earth’s natural processes



There is no such thing as a “safe” dose of radiation. Examples include: Govt estimate that 2000-3000 people in the UK die each year from radon-induced lung cancer; a study in Colorado found a 30% increase in heart defects in children living close to fracking; researchers at Brunel University found that there is a connection between motor neurone disease and exposure to radiation.



Fracking brings up radioactive liquids and solids from the earth. The methane gas is contaminated with Radon gas which cannot be separated. The levels of radium in fracking discharge are approx 100 to 300 times higher than in drinking water. Fracking can also squeeze uranium, the toxic and radioactive heavy metal out of the ground either accidently or deliberately.


And then there is Depleted Uranium

As well as all that, the fracking industry has patents to use radioactive waste from the nuclear industry, depleted uranium. This DU cuts through the rock like butter in the same way as the military use it to cut through concrete.



We Don’t Want Any Radioactive Wastes from Nuclear or Fracking


Reclaim the Power

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