Nuclear is: Monument to Human Stupidity


Letter today in the Daily Post – urging Welsh MP Albert Owen to:

“Please desist from saying that the answer to this problem of nuclear waste is to send it to Lakeland”.


Full letter here:

Open Letter to Albert Owen MP

Being a resident of Cumberland I strongly object to your statement that the

country’s nuclear waste should be sent to us here. Nuclear power is

completely irresponsible, producing so much highly dangerous waste, and

costing the tax-payer phenomenal amounts of cash for generations. I can

personally attest to the disgusting state of the area, the contaminated

land and buildings, burgeoning waste storage facilities, decaying and

neglected structures containing radio-active spent fuel in water open to

wildlife, the vast number of (expensive) people working to clean up the

mess, which will never be achieved, as in Chernobyl and Fukushima. Every

nuclear power station is a monument to human stupidity and

short-sightedness, at best a deadly nuclear waste factory storing up

problems for our children and grandchildren, at worst a catastrophe waiting

to happen.


Nuclear power is an expensive short-term fix for politicians who refuse to

see that the problem is not a shortage of power but an uncontrolled

increase in the population. This they are encouraging in the pursuit of

eternal ‘growth’, at the expense of everything that is really worthwhile in

our lives.


Please desist from saying that the answer to this problem of nuclear waste

is to send it to Lakeland. Why don’t they send it to the south-east if

it’s safe? That’s where most of the power goes. We do not want the most

beautiful part of England despoiled any more than it has been already.


Please find out *all *the facts before you make suggestions!



Ben from Cumberland


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