10th August – ‘Moorcide’ Walk- Have a look -See


Stop Moorcide Walk : August 10th 2014
Stop Moorcide Walk : August 10th 2014


The walk will take around 2 hours, approximately 5 miles For those who do not want to do the whole walk we will be returning to The Royal Oak Beckermet to have a bite to eat and discuss what we have seen.

From the Lake District National Park towards the coast, you can look down across the lowland area and your eyes meet the obscene atomic carbuncle called Sellafield.  The industry with funding from our nuclear obsessed government want to add at least two vast new reactors and the loading station for tens of thousands of radioactive waste packages for a vast underground nuclear dump.

Recent press coverage suggests that Moorside is a fait accompli. This is what the industry and our nuclear fanatical government would dearly like people to believe in order to stop opposition.

Opposition is however the only sane option to new build adjacent to Sellafield.

We are inviting groups such as the National Trust, Friends of the Lake District, Cumbria WildlifeTrust and the Lake District National Park Authority, groups who have the interests of the countryside at heart to join members of the public on a walk taking in part of the proposed site

The walk will take place on 10th August – meet at the Royal Oak at 10am and will be approximately 5 miles starting from the village of Beckermet

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has recklessly given  Toshiba the option to purchase a 6km square parcel of West Cumbria, beautiful green fields and hedgerows adjacent to Sellafield and running alongside the River Ehen. This huge parcel of wildlife diverse farm land stretches towards Calder Bridge, Beckerment and Braystones

To consider any new build at all adjacent to Sellafield’s high level waste tanks is an act of recklessness. Bizzarely the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is actively encouraging new build even while the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, local politicians and nuclear campaigners have for the past decade repeatedly raised concerns about the safety of the High Level Waste tanks upon which the physical safety of the whole of Cumbria and its international neighbours depends.

The NDA should do the job it was set up to do – namely look after the existing stockpile of nuclear waste rather than actively encouraging new Toshiba’s proposed three new reactors are AP1000s. These are the next generation of the same old uranium burning technology. The difference is that these reactors burn the uranium for longer and harder. The resulting radioactive wastes are much hotter and have to be cooled for decades longer. The NDA have told Radiation Free Lakeland that the fresh water resource for cooling is “a matter for the operators.” Currently Sellafield uses over 4 million gallons of water daily abstracted from Wastwater, the River Ehen, the River Calder and boreholes in the area.

The elephant in the room is of course Toshiba’s track record in nuclear safety. Toshiba supplied the steam generator, architecture and reactor for Fukushima reactors numbers 3 and 5 Hitachi (merged with Toshiba) supplied the reactor, steam generator and architecture for Fukushima reactor no 4.

Moorside is the last nuclear straw that will break far more than Cumbria’s back unless we resist now.

Please join us on 10th August 10am at Beckermet to have a walk around the proposed site- we will meet at the Royal Oak.

Wainwright famously called Calder Hall a “grotesque carbuncle”  that atomic carbuncle is set to grow like a malignant cancer.

We can stop it. We MUST STOP IT


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6 thoughts on “10th August – ‘Moorcide’ Walk- Have a look -See

    1. You are right …even people in Cumbria are unaware of the extent of this obscenity …. Government and conservation bodies are encouraging people to “comment” on the pylon route! This means that those commenting on the pylon route are condoning obscene new nuclear build while being directed to think that the pylons would be the worst of it….the pylons are the LEAST of it!

  1. Thank you! There was something on the environmental impact and pylons for one of the US Lake Erie reactors – probably Fermie. If I see it again I will send it to you. I think it became a sort of loophole, where one group of bureaucrats said they were only responsible for the pylon route but not the nuclear aspect.

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