Paddington’s Peru and the Nukiller Plan


A film about Paddington’s Peru – the real andean bears, the ice cap and the people

about to be shafted by the UK’s nuclear fanaticism.


There is NO uranium mining or Nuclear Reactors in Peru – this is set to

change with the area of the worlds most important ice cap in the High

Andes, Quelccaya, being aggressively eyed up for uranium mining.


Chief Executive of Macusani Yellowcake Peter Hooper in conversation..


Peter Hooper: Peru has no uranium mining and they have one medical

reactor. That’s it. The uranium here was found by Margaret Thatcher, you

know that of course.


James West: I didn’t know that.


Peter Hooper: She persuaded the British Geological Survey to fly Peru and

half of Chile for airborne geophysics including radiometrics in 1980 and

‘81, really as a thank you for the Falklands.

Out of that came hundreds

of airborne searches and one of the biggest, it’s right where

we are. They created the IPEN, Institute Proven Energy Nuclear at the same

time and IPEN, producing uranium in those days before Chernobyl went sky

high and they did some quite a lot of exploration work including some

added work. So that’s the basis of where we started- uranium price crash

that changed the mining law in ‘91 which meant that IPEN had to stop

paying the government for all these properties there then they change the

rules. Uranium to this day is treated as a base metal – so no

special rules.


James West: So then who would be the ultimate client with that — implied

that in the UK would probably be the first off taker.

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