A serious lack of joined up thinking at DECC…

Frack Off …Why the Disconnect between Fracking and Nuclear Policy? Is it to underplay governments most favourite nastiest industry?

Cumbria Trust

Cumbria Trust was pleased to read today’s long overdue announcement from DECC that national parks and AONBs will be protected from fracking.  These areas are the most treasured parts of the British landscape and are rightly subject to some of the strictest planning rules.  This is particularly relevant to Cumbria which includes Britain’s premier national park, The Lake District and the Solway Coast AONB.

However, there is a clear lack of joined-up thinking in government.  Just last week, the same government department, DECC, brought out a new White Paper on Geological Disposal of nuclear waste.  This White Paper should have contained the same exclusion of national parks and AONBs, along with other environmentally sensitive areas, but they neglected to include this.

The exploration and construction phases for a GDF the size of Carlisle would be significantly more damaging and destructive than a fracking operation, so national parks and AONBs must…

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