Nothing to See Here! Govt Study on Sellafield Cancers

Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant - Cancer Factory
Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant – Cancer Factory

Surprise surprise!  The UK government is super keen to plonk another cancer factory, the “biggest in Europe”,  adjacent to Sellafield and Hey Presto as if by magic, Sellafield is unveiled in its brand new shade of whiter than white.

The headline: “No increased risk of cancer for children living near Sellafield or Dounreay”.

The study funded by the Department of Health  found no difference in cancer incidence from 1991 -2006.  The report magnanimously acknowledges that there was increased incidence of leukaemia before 1991 but infers that Sellafield has cleaned up its act (despite its crash programme of reprocessing) to such an extent that all is now tickety boo.

And as if this wasn’t enough, the ‘Good News’ message is reinforced by Cancer Research UK (a charity with government ties) “This study is reassuring for anyone who happens to be living near a power plant” says Dr Julie Sharp, Cancer Research UK.




Our friends in the rest of Europe who are abandoning nuclear at a rate of knots because of  health, environmental and financial crash risks can only look on in bewilderment at the UK  governments continued and it has to be said, accelerating nuclear fanaticism.




2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here! Govt Study on Sellafield Cancers

  1. Jo M Brown

    This well dodgy ‘study on Sellafield cancers’ does absolutely nothing to reassure those of us living near nuclear sites – in Somerset we just have to read local newspapers to see that increases in perinatal mortality, skin cancers, birth defects new cancers, premature deaths from central nervous system diseases are increasing with every passing week since 2006 when decommissioning and waste management allowed Sellafield waste to be distributed around the country and plans to use up Sellafield’s plutonium stockpile by turning it into MOX fuel for new nuclear build are being pushed through planning by bribing local authorities.

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