UK Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Turns 50

Reprocessing at Sellafield turns 50. Fifty years worth of insanely dangerous high level liquid wastes in tanks that the Office for Nuclear Regulation say are not fit for purpose. Why then is more waste arriving at Sellafield to be reprocessed adding to the toxic brew? There is no reason for this to happen apart from habit and an insane nuclear culture. This is what Sellafield says about its clapped out old reprocessing plant which in a sane world should never have begun operations ““Imagine a car from 1964 still running on the roads today and not just being brought out for exhibitions or displays but actually doing hard miles, every month, come what may. That’s what our Magnox Reprocessing Plant does and we are extremely proud of it.”. This is not a beautiful vintage car it is a bomb making machine.

2 thoughts on “UK Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Turns 50

  1. None of the processes at Sellafield have ever shown a profit, as also BNFL which was
    bankrupt until HMG inserted a £3.45Bn promissory note into the accounts.

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