Nuclear: It is Time to Stop!

Wonder why Greenpeace UK is not hanging banners from the top of Heysham Dungeness..etc?   These nukiller plants are clapped out but nevertheless plan to continue further into dangerous old age putting us all at risk. Putting Europe at risk for the sake of a tiny percentage of the UKs total electricity use!

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Greenpeace Action: Don’t Place Europe in Danger! March 18, 2014

(Video has some French, German, and English)

Nuclear: It is Time to Stop

(While the French language original, by, is entitled Nuclear Europe: It is Time to Stop, the situation in the USA is similar. And, so we have added additional Greenpeace and other info about the USA at the bottom. Also, Switzerland is included, even though it is not EU).

English translation based on report:
This 18th of March, 60 activists, from all over Europe, but also from Turkey, and Australia, occupied the dome and roof of the reactor pool number 1 at the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant in France. Fessenheim is the oldest nuclear power plant in France and one of the oldest Europeans reactors: it will be 37 years old in two weeks.

This action had as objective to denounce the risk that Nuclear France…

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