Nuclear Return to Sender: Will Germany Take ITS Uranium Back or Simply Dump on the USA?

The game of Nuclear Return to Sender…Germany wants rid of its nuclear waste , don’t we all? At least Germany isn’t building new nukiller plants and making more crapola….

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Return to Sender Environment
In the nuclear return to sender game, Germany had better watch its step! It is trying to send almost a ton of its nuclear waste from a failed experimental reactor (which had an accident long ago) to the USA on the grounds that the fuel originated in the USA, but if this is the game being played Germany should get hundreds of thousands of tons in return.

Obama, who has always been more wildly popular in Germany than he ever was in the US, is willing to take it and dump more nuclear waste on the majority poor people of Savannah River Site in South Carolina (probable kin to his mother, wife, and children). Those affiliated with one contractor at the Savannah River Site, Honeywell, were major campaign donors to Obama.[1] Also, Obama is believed close to Honeywell CEO, David Cote. Another contractor is URS, lead for the consortium running…

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