Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria



Dear supporters, colleagues and friends of a Radiation Free Lakeland,

We have been named as an “environmental organisation accomplishing the most relative to resources at their disposal.” http://www.greenfunders.org/wp-content/uploads/Passionate-Collaboration-Full-Report.pdf

Which is pretty amazing!

And we will continue to punch well above our weight with volunteers dipping into their own pockets and just as important freely giving of their time to do all the things that we need to do to research, campaign, provide an online presence, print leaflets, produce banners, travel etc

An email yesterday from the Marine Conservation Society to RaFL points out that the Marine Conservation Society are aware of the problem of increasing radioactive particles on Cumbrian Beaches but that “Our Good Beach Guide criteria is based on water quality alone (i.e. radioactive pollution is not considered in criteria for a ‘Good Beach’) , and as a small charity, we unfortunately are unable to undertake any tests of our own. Because the statutory body advises us that no special precautionary actions are required, we cannot justify putting a precautionary notice on our website without additional independent evidence”.

We don’t like to ask for funds but with a little money we could set up an independent community radiation monitoring facility.

An independent radiation monitoring facility provided by Radiation Free Lakeland could include:


  • Online presence for Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria – RaDMIC


  • Purchase of equipment : Gieger counter (and maybe later a GPS to more accurately record sample areas)


  • Teaming up with an independent certified laboratory.


We could get started with  £600

Many people have already been generous and given donations which has taken us to £200


What do you say?  Shall we leave radiation monitoring to government watch dogs like the Environment Agency ?   Watch dogs who are increasingly under the thumb of a government with a vested interest in not scaring the horses?


If people would like to be part of this initiative to provide independent radiation monitoring, donations can be made..

by cheque to Radiation Free Lakeland please email    rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com    for the address

MANY THANKS to those who have already donated

2 thoughts on “Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria

  1. RIFE monitoring of Somerset marine coasts has recorded a tenfold increase in radiation since 2006. Download the US Environmental Protection Agency paper: http://www.epa.gov/radiation/radionuclides. People can now be tested for exposure to radionuclides, eg Caesium 137 for cardiovascular illnesses etc. Public Health England should be doing this.
    The 2012 Public Health and Safety Act required local authorities to display notices warning the public that seawater and beaches are contaminated with radiation and unsafe.

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