CoRWM committee member has misled The Geological Society on West Cumbria GDF MORI poll.

The poll used as a measure of support was not even representative of the people polled, never mind the whole of Cumbria. After the meeting at which the Mori Poll results were discussed in the (now closed) Whitehaven Civic Hall, we spoke to a young couple who had been rung by Mori. The young couple said that the pollsters told them that the GDF would be of benefit and would be safe. The young couple said that if they had realised there was opposition to the plan because of safety concerns they would not have said yes to the dump.

Cumbria Trust

Is CoRWM Genuinely Independent of Government?

Cumbria Trust is very concerned to hear that a key member of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, Professor Rebecca Lunn, has misled The Geological Society about the situation in Cumbria. This was during a lecture in March which was recently published on the CoRWM website.

CoRWM is supposed to be an independent voice, to advise and scrutinise the government on long term management of higher activity nuclear waste. It is clear that the committee includes some knowledgeable people, although its independence of government has long been a cause for concern.  Professor Smythe’s view is HERE

Here is a letter from Colin Wales, a Director of Cumbria Trust to Professor Lunn of CoRWM

Dear Professor Lunn

Cumbria Trust is concerned that you, as a member of CoRWM with responsibility for scrutinising the management of higher activity radioactive wastes, have misled The Geological Society during…

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