Just found a radioactive particle? Must be a Good Beach!

The Marine Conservation Society and Keep Britain Tidy have  awarded West Cumbrian beaches Good Beach status.

Neither of these bodies take radioactive pollution into account when awarding Clean and Good Beach status.

On St Bees alone over 70 particles including alpha particles have been found and retrieved up to 2011. Despite this the monitoring and retrieval has been scaled back at the request of local Parish councils who are in the Catch 22 of not wanting to put the holiday makers off. This of course means that the nuclear industry is given free rein to continue to pollute while holiday makers and locals alike are encouraged onto the sands by those they trust such as Keep Britian Tidy, The Marine Conservation Society and Cumbria Wildlife Trust.   The fact that None of these cheerleading flags promoting the safety of the beaches looks at radioactive pollution as a criteria is diabolic.

There's a hole in DECC's bucket
There’s a hole in DECC’s bucket..so much fresh water needed to cool the HOT waste (sea water is too corrosive) that there is talk of a desalination plant on the West Coast …this would churn up and return even more radioactive silt to Cumbrian beaches.


Sellafield itself wrote to the Health Protection Agency with concerns
about the contamination of their beach workers who use argocats and
specialist equipment to retrieve radioactive particles. Unlike the
Sellafield radioactive particle beach workers, the public are not suited
and booted with urine being tested for radioactive contamination.

In Scotland health concerns about radioactive pollution from radium
prompted warning signs to go up on Dalgety Bay beach. Radium is of far
lesser concern than the cocktail of radionuclides being found on Cumbrian
beaches where there are no warning signs. We wonder whether this is
because the radium is from the world war 11 plane dials whereas the more
dangerous particles on Cumbrian beaches are from the industry that the
government is aggressively promoting as a solution to energy needs.

There is an excellent report from another nuclear safety group Cumbrians
Opposed to a Radioactive Environment here:

more info here



3 thoughts on “Just found a radioactive particle? Must be a Good Beach!

  1. Jo M Brown

    The same thing is happening at Somerset beach sites – pictures in the local rag of huge posters for ‘clean beach’ but not a whisper of the mandatory notice under the 2012 health and social care act which will impose notices on these same beaches warning tourists and residents that the beaches and the sea are contaminated with radiation.

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