Are We Ruled By Nuclear Cats?

WIPP is the ONLY operational Geological Dump in the world …and its leaking

Mining Awareness +

The latest idea that a change in Kitty litter could be part of the problem at WIPP reminded us of a post that we had started a few months ago.
Herd of Cats
Like outdoor cats, the policy of the nuclear industry, and their lackeys in government, for permanent nuclear waste disposal, is to dig a hole, dump waste, backfill and eventually abandon it. The US WIPP facility is typical in this regard. Six panels are full, backfilled and already removed from ventilation and the seventh is being filled.

Like WIPP, current proposals for long-term storage of nuclear waste, around the world, seem to involve eventual abandonment of the facility, making it a dump. This is true for every permanent waste dump that we have read about. Let’s call them what they are – dumps. It is true for the US, as well as proposed for France, and Switzerland. It has already caused…

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