Sent to all Cumbrian Councillors today….HOT
Dear Councillor,

On 22nd May it will be International Biological Diversity Day.

The most important resource to protect in order to maintain a healthy biological

diversity is of course water. Of equal importance is the fresh water in
our rivers and lakes and the marine environment around our coastline.
The biggest threat to the health and resilience of our water resource is
from the nuclear industry.

We hope you find time to have a look at this little comic book – “HOT”
the fourth in The Wastwater Gnomes series. The whole book has been made
available here:

With best wishes for International Biological Diversity Day

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

International  Biological Diversity Day

3 thoughts on “HOT

  1. Thanks for telling everyone about this important date. More thanks still for making this lovely book available for all to see. Your picture on top is actually my favourite too, but I also love the mixes of real photography side by side with the paintings and indeed the entire book.

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