A letter to the members of CoRWM (Committee on Radioactive Waste Management) from CT chairman Eddie Martin.

Excellent letter from Eddie Martin Chair of Cumbria Trust to the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management “We know that any GDF must be sited in an area of relatively slow and predictable hydraulic gradients; a requirement that is categorically not met in West Cumbria where the topology pitches from the mountains to the sea (Smythe, 2011a). It is also extremely doubtful whether any site in Cumbria could meet the second requirement of geological stability, with its case being overstated and possibly fabricated in order to be considered for the first wave of site selection research during the 1980s (ibid: 1). The manner in which the geological suitability of apparently potential West Cumbrian sites has been misrepresented by those with an interest in ensuring its candidacy is deeply worrying and gives us considerable cause for concern.”. South Lakeland Friends of the Earth members (who later formed Radiation Free Lakeland) remember saying something very similar to Eddie way back in 2008 when presenting a petition to Cumbria County Council opposing geological disposal. We must remember…. and resist the nuclear juggernaught in every way we can.

Cumbria Trust

10th May 2014

Professor Laurence Williams, Chairman, and Colleagues
The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management
Room M09, 55 Whitehall
London. SW1A 2EY

30th April 2014

Dear Professor Williams and Fellow Members of CoRWM,

Thank you for visiting Workington, for hosting the public meeting, and for listening to the many concerns and comments which were raised at that meeting. You accepted that it would be useful if we would further explain and elaborate on our genuine concerns; that is what I now seek to do.

First, I must reassert that the Cumbria Trust (CT) (www.cumbriatrust.org) endeavours to be completely neutral on the proposed step-up in the installation and use of nuclear energy plants within the UK. The Trust has quite a catholic membership, with a wide spectrum of views, with Members from many walks of life and professions (including earth scientists), and of…

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