UNSCEAR`s lies spread to Wikipedia and Beyond!

The sane and rational response of fear and respect for radiation is labelled radiophobia..as though it is psychological .   In stark contrast to the Propoganda this analysis shows that respect for and fear of radiation is ENTIRELY  justified. Marie Curie and her daughter had NO FEAR  of radiation even though she coined the name and discovered radium.  It was because of a lack of fear that both She and her daughter DIED of leukemia.


…In short, as the Wikipedia entry does mention, the Insurance industry does not expect any major losses. I think that is the most honest statement within the Wikipeadia entry that actually speaks in volumes to us…..

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Op Ed by Arclight2011part2

Date 8 May 2014

Posted to nuclear-news.net

Main reference is from the program “Contact”, hosted by “Our Planet TV”, Japan.

Four months after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daichi NPP, the presenter Hajime Shiraishi interviewed Mika Noro who was the president of The Bridge to Chernobyl and who also founded the National Parents Network to Protect the Children From Radiation in Japan in response to the nuclear disaster there.

Because she was engaged in bringing children from Chernobyl to Hakkaido before Japans own nuclear disaster, she noticed that symptoms being reported concerning the children of Fukushima seemed to resemble the symptoms that the Chernobyl children suffer from.

Miss Shiraishi…

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