Nuclear Chuggers – they want YOU!

Nuclear Chugger
Nuclear Chugger

Here in Cumbria we know all about being aggressively groomed by the nuclear industry.   We are groomed with £millions from the public purse going to all sorts of good causes from Citizens Advice to Cottage Hospitals.  Money that should be coming from national  government but filtered through the distorting lens of the nuclear industry in a quest to make us love the unlovable.

Alan Simpson an independent advisor on energy has written an excellent article in the Morning Star showing how nuclear aims to be normalised and accepted. In order to do that the industry has to retell the nuclear tale and rely on our collective amnesia.

So, just when you thought it might be safe to step out a bit more — when double glazing salesmen, charity fundraisers and energy company “swappers” might be taking a breather — a new sort of “chugger” is about to hit the streets.
You don’t have to fear being Saved for God or tapped for a standing order.
These chuggers will just want to normalise you”.


Full Article Here:

Nuclear Slush Fund – tip of the iceberg…

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