£100 released to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria

Monbiot Lookalike – Malcolm Grimston



On 26th April  The Ecologist magazine accurately reported on the launch of a new website Arrest Monbiot  “that calls for the arrest of writer George Monbiot for ‘Nuclear Crimes against Humanity and the Environment’….

Monbiot was selected for this dubious honour as a result of his high profile but paradoxical conversion to the virtues of nuclear power, triggered by the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

It also reflects Monbiot’s own campaign to arrest Tony Blair for his ignominious role in going to war against Iraq. Five people have already won sums of several thousand pounds for attempting to arrest Blair and over £7,000 remains in the ‘pot’.

However anyone attempting to arrest Monbiot will not receive the money themselves. The £100 will instead be donated to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria (RADMIC) an independent community initiative to monitor and assess the effect of the nuclear industry”.

Following publicity around the website George Monbiot wrote a skewed piece in the Guardian titled “Today I arrested myself for supporting nuclear power. Now, where’s my £100?”   Monbiot has a tried and tested formula for all things nuclear and obfuscates with mistruth.   If Tony Bliar had carried out an arrest on himself under the terms of the Arrest Blair website the war criminal would be entitled to the £thousands donated towards the “bounty”.  With Arrest Monbiot we had a suspicion George Monbiot would either completely ignore the website to avoid any possible negative PR for the nuclear industry or alternatively would arrest himself and sneer at the website’s aims while claiming any “bounty.”  Hence the money donated to the site is, on arrest of Monbiot, to be released to community initiative Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria.  Any further monies donated to the site will be released on further arrests.  Funnily enough it looked like an opportunity had come last night to Arrest Monbiot.  At the meeting organised by the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, to persuade Cumbrians to play ball on the nuke dump, there was George Monbiot on one of the front rows.  Or so it seemed.  It turned out ironically to be Monbiot’s former Chemistry teacher and nuclear enthusiast, Malcolm Grimston.  Malcolm Grimston is the safe pair of hands that over the last couple of decades, pronuclear governments of all political persuasions have brought out to downplay the risks and big up the ‘benefits’ of nuclear power.

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2 thoughts on “£100 released to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria

  1. Thomas

    The level of sheer dishonesty is only matched here by the unbearably smug self-righteousness that could only come from someone who identifies themselves as an “artist” allied with Friends of the Earth.

    1. Was a campaigner with Friends of the Earth but National FoE are doing nowt proactive on nuclear here, quite a lot of action elsewhere in Europe tho, which is the reason for Radiation Free Lakeland…. Warts and all
      Dishonesty isn’t one of the warts.

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