CoRWM public meeting tomorrow at Hunday Manor, as at 13:20 29th April you can still register.

good analysis here from Cumbria Trust who are acknowledging the link between the governments nuclear new build agenda and geological  dumping ..DEMO tomorrow at 5 till 6  pm

Cumbria Trust

Just in case you need reminding:

  • The Consultation was largely a cosmetic exercise. The Minister Michael Fallon, misinformed the House of Lords committee regarding end dates and predetermined the outcome regarding the county councils.
  • 59% of the respondents urged a search of England for the optimum geological site. No one in government, including the BGS has refuted the claims that the geology of Cumbria is simply unsuitable.
  • Only 3 of the 700 plus respondents (including Copeland) recommended cutting out the county councils
  • The bizarre situation of a small district such as Copeland being equal in weight to a massive unitary authority such as Cornwall, yet , the county council is NOT involved!
  • Three green lights to go ahead. They got two green and one red. The process (therefore) stopped.  So they changed the rules by cutting out the red light, the county council, effectively disenfranchising most of Cumbria. This is…

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