Nuclear Criminal Monbiot thinks he is worth more than £100 bounty – Really?

Fraud Handcuff
Fraud Handcuff


Received an email today from George Monbiot “claiming” £100 for “arresting himself.”

He seems to think that he is worth more than £100 bounty on his head (as he puts it)  – unfortunately not.  

The “bounty” (his word)  is to be released to Radiation Monitoring in Cumbria.

Also today received very abusive emails from Monbiot supporters – but many more from ordinary people thanking us for taking the action of highlighting Monbiot’s criminal advocacy of nuclear power.

Here is the correspondence between myself and Monbiot


Dear George,

Have you presented yourself to a police station to ask them to carry out
an arrest for Nuclear Crimes against Humanity and the Environment yet?

The terms of the website clearly state that the arrestor will receive a
certificate, while the £100 will be presented to RADMIC – a voluntary
group aiming to set up independent monitoring in Cumbria. Just one
example why local people want to take this action is because monitoring
and retrieval of radioactive particles on Cumbrian beaches has been scaled
back despite more radioactive particles, including alpha emitting, being
found. This is most likely as a result of accelerated reprocessing
activity  (for your much vaunted voodoo fast breeders).
If you send an address a certificate will wing its way to you.
Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of
Arrest Monbiot


> Dear ArrestMonbiot,
> I’m pleased to report that I have carried out the first arrest, under your
> rules, of myself. I apprehended myself at 0724 this morning and have
> written up the attempt for an article to be published on the Guardian’s
> website, thus fulfilling the condition of a mention in the national media.
> Could I have £100 please?
> Thank you,
> George Monbiot



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2 thoughts on “Nuclear Criminal Monbiot thinks he is worth more than £100 bounty – Really?

  1. This was great. Made my day, again. As someone commented, you achieved a good part of your objective. Once they opened up the comments to the those opposing Monbiot it got really good. I wish I could have cut and pasted some of the comments but the Guardian won’t let me, it seems. One of my favorites was the observation that the average person doesn’t like nuclear. And, that the average person hasn’t read or heard of Monbiot. Someone else called him a “pompous fool”. Some people gave clear explanations of why and how Monbiot is wrong about nuclear. One said they were certain that plenty of people would pitch in for a ticket to send him to Fukushima, and rightly so!

    There did seem some confusion in the Guardian comments, as I think that normal UK citizen’s arrest is different from arrest over human rights abuses.

    According to data expert, Nick Berry, in 2011, the human body was worth about $160, US, or 95 UK pounds. It is based on the elements alone and appears about right, or even high, compared to the amounts given a few decades ago, considering inflation.

    The Strontium and Caesium are amongst the most costly. I wonder if pro-nuclear George Monbiot hopes to enhance his value up from 100 pounds by eating, inhaling and absorbing radionuclides? He needs to take notice that the fluorine is also very valuable and swallow his toothpaste and save the planet and everyone else! He can increase his personal value even more by making a nuclear waste dump in his backyard, and drinking shallow well-water and growing his own food. It will be detrimental to his property value, however.

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