Springwatch Sellafield Style

Sellafield Springwatch  23 April 2014
Sellafield Springwatch
23 April 2014


Yesterday Springwatch Sellafield style –

We stood outside Sellafield for the 5th time in a demonstration of opposition to Sellafield’s continuing policy of  experimentation on wildlife (and on us).  We know trees have been planted to entice wildlife into the area previously unfenced and now surrounded by military fences.  The area is we believe a “wildlife monitoring scheme” as recommended by the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology  in 1988 and The Deer Intiative in 2012 to record the bioaccumulation of radionuclides in wildlife.  The bioaccumulation of radionuclides does not magically stop at the meaningless fences.


We saw evidence of roe deer and badger just outside the fences by the New Mill beck on our way to Grey Croft Stone circle.

A heron flew accross the site towards the cooling ponds. The fences are meaningless especially while Sellafield continues to reprocess and “decommission” ie fling the waste out to landfill, air and sea. The police were many.

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