Letter to the European Commission Opposing Nuclear Subsidies for Hinkley

Nuclear joker burning public Money
Nuclear joker burning public money and Much Else Besides!


Below is Radiation Free Lakeland’s letter to the European Commission’s call for responses to state aid for Hinkley.

Please email your opposition by  TODAY 7th April to: stateaidgreffe@ec.europa.eu


Dear European Commission,

Radiation Free Lakeland STRONGLY oppose subsidies for new nuclear build at
Hinkley in Somerset and elsewhere in the UK.

The Commission will be aware that here in Cumbria the nuclear industry is
already the single largest user of fossil fuel with its own dedicated gas
plant ‘Fellside’ to keep the wastes from Hinkley and other nuclear plants
cool, and to reprocess spent fuel.

The Treasury pays out over £30 million yearly for gas to cool existing
wastes and to continue with reprocessing contracts of spent fuel from
Hinkley and elsewhere (contracts which should and could be broken in order
to halt the growing plutonium stockpile).

Fresh water use is another hidden subsidy – millions of gallons daily from
Wastwater and boreholes in West Cumbria to cool existing wastes from
Hinkley and elsewhere for which the industry pays….nothing, while the rest
of the UK’s water bills are increasing.

The ever increasing slush fund of bribes to Cumbrians to accept nuclear
developments and geological dumping of radioactive wastes is yet another
subsidy. The payment of salaries to people in positions of power such as
Lord Clark to enable nuclear compliance/soft pedalling of groups such as
the Lake District National Park Authority.

We wonder where the fossil fuel and fresh water is going to come from for
new nuclear build and who would pay for it even it it were possible to
access the profligate amounts of fresh water and fossil fuel needed?

The following were asked under Freedom of Information requests to the
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Q. Where will the freshwater for new nuclear build and new nuclear wastes
come from ?

Millions of gallons of fresh water are already abstracted daily from
Wastwater and other fresh water sources to cool the wastes at Sellafield.
meanwhile United Utilities are striving to find new freshwater sources for
domestic supplies on the West Coast.
“this is the start of a long-term project to re-evaluate the way we
deliver water in this special part of Cumbria so that we maintain
excellent services to our customers while minimising the impact on very
sensitive local habitats. We reviewed a wide range of possible options for
new water supplies in conjunction with the Environment Agency. One good
alternative source is the sandstone aquifer in the Egremont area and
that’s what we are tapping into. We may need to look at other potential
sources in future too. We also want to reduce the area’s overall demand
for water” http://www.unitedutilities.com/7705.aspx
More information:
—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: 15301320 – NDA response – water abstraction etc.
From: “Enquiries” <Enquiries@nda.gov.uk>
Date: Tue, November 15, 2011 11:02 am
To: Radiation Free Lakeland
Dear Ms Birkby
Please find set out below responses to the queries received from you on
the 24th October:
1. Regarding your question ‘What is the salary per year of Sellafield
Ltd’s non executive director Lord Clark (including for example attendance
expenses)?’ This information is not held by the NDA and I have been
informed by Sellafield Ltd that this information is not available in the
public domain.

Water Abstraction
The Abstraction licence issued by the Environment Agency to the NDA allows
abstraction of a total of 6,637,307 M3 of water per annum from Wastwater,
but the maximum abstraction in any 24 hour period must not exceed
18,184m3. During FY 2010/11 Sellafield abstracted a total of 5,166,397 m3
of water which represents 78% of the maximum allowed annual water
abstraction. In the same period over 0.6 million m3 of water (10% of the
water abstracted from Wastwater) was treated and used as “domestic water”
on site to support the health, hygiene and welfare needs of the over
10,000 people who work at Sellafield. The Environment Agency have in
addition issued licences for water abstraction from the River Ehen, River
Calder, Beckermet Mine and Boreholes near Calder Bridge and Calder Valley.
During FY 2010/11 Sellafield abstracted a combined total of 320,431 m3 of
water from these sources, this represents less than 6% of the total water
used at Sellafield. The data above excludes abstraction from Wastwater and
Calder Valley Boreholes used solely to maintain compensation freshwater
flow in the rivers Irt and Calder during extended periods of dry weather
for ecological & environmental reasons.

Gas purchases
The volume of gas used by Fellside CHP for 2010 (calendar year 1Jan-31Dec
2010) is 210,646,330 M3 at STP (STP is Standard Temp (15C)& Pressure of
1013.25 mbar).
We wish to point out that this data could not accurately be used in a
carbon footprint calculation. The actual CO2 emission data for 2010 is
421,691 Tonnes CO2, (this value has been independently verified under the
EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS)) and relates to the entire electrical
and steam output from the Fellside CHP power station…..

Future Projections – Water and Gas Useage
Any new build associated with Nuclear Power generation is a matter for the
developer NuGen to develop its own proposals for water demand and
potential sources of suitable water supply.…….
Any additional demand for gas and water use for the new build reactor
adjacent to Sellafield would be a matter for NuGen and not the NDA.”

Radiation Free Lakeland would point out that this reply is a cop out – the
NDA are responsible for wastes and yet are promoting new build. This is a
corruption of governance.

The proposed new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in south-west England
depends heavily on subsidies and is unlikely to go ahead without them. There
is no valid justification for these subsidies. They divert resources away
from other options that are altogether better and cheaper.
Good alternatives which are ready to go, cheaper than nuclear power, and
very much quicker to build.

The subsidies being offered for the Hinkley Point proposed project include
an index-linked price for nuclear electricity of £92.50 per MWh, guaranteed
for 35 years, loan guarantees, a very low cap on liabilities for nuclear
disasters, and several other subsidies described in “Nuclear Subsidies”
(PDF, bit.ly/1qoRrvY) and “Subsidies for nuclear power in the UK
government’s proposals for electricity market reform” (PDF, bit.ly/1cOojoH).

The nuclear industry is unsustainable in every way, financial,
environmental and health wise.
Subsidies allow this nightmare to continue. Radiation Free Lakeland
strongly oppose any subsidies for nuclear new build at Hinkley.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland






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