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Cumbria Trust make some excellent points about the continuing sham CONsultation meetings regarding Geological Dump plans for heat generating radioactive wastes. We would add that While this continues to be “a plan” the industry and government are colluding to push along the very real plan to build new nuclear plants. Greenpeace withdrew their legal challenge against Hinkley C because the government “have a plan” for the nuclear waste. In the eyes of government and industry (and Greenpeace) it is immaterial whether  or not this geological dump plan will come to fruition what matters is that “the plan” for geological dumping continues. Whether it is insane and dangerous is of no consequence as long as “the plan” and the CONsultations continue, this is a prerequisite for new build. Meanwhile the industry goes ahead unchallenged with its agenda for dispersing increasing amounts and nastiness of radioactive wastes to the environment while increasing the footprint and terrorist target of Sellafield by more than double with new build, Moorcide, adjacent to the worlds largest radioactive waste dump. Opposing geological dumping anywhere is key to stopping the nuclear juggernaught. The first step to looking after the waste as safely as possible is to stop making more waste!

Cumbria Trust

Firstly , Cumbria Trust notes that the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has decided to hold a public meeting* regarding geological nuclear waste disposal in Workington, Cumbria on 30th April 2014.
Secondly , that of all the locations in the Country which could have been chosen for such a meeting, CoRWM has chosen West Cumbria.
Thirdly , that this follows recent assurances from DECC ministers that the new process would be a truly national process following the Cumbrian MRWS process coming to an end last year.
Fourthly , that no other such meetings appear to have been announced by CoRWM.
Fifthly , that the new White Paper is likely to be published in the summer of 14.
Cumbria Trust expects that the Government will ignore the results of its own and last consultation and proceed in the White Paper to exclude County Councils from the decision making process; namely…

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