Stones and Sea #SellafieldFreeTheDeer


Sellafield have put up extra security fences extending the largest nuclear site in Europe to include woodlands trapping deer and other wildlife. Now they want to cull the trapped family group of roe deer including pregnant does. Sellafield have told Natural England that the deer are a “security threat” and so “special permission” has been given to shoot the deer out of season. The fences are meaningless while Sellafield continues to chuck radioactive wastes out to sea, to air and to landfill.

Save the Sellafield Deer Facebook page

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Music by Yvonne Lyon “Someday”


The stone circle that the Sellafield fences are getting ever nearer to is called Grey Croft – maybe the least visited in Cumbria nevertheless important archeologically

One thought on “Stones and Sea #SellafieldFreeTheDeer

  1. Reblogged this on Radiation Free Lakeland and commented:

    From 2 years ago…. We didn’t manage to save the deer ….they were shot by Sellafield and tested for radionuclides as “bioindicators”. The fences on the other side of Sellafield , the flood plain of the river Ehen, would more than double with “Moorside” ….so much at risk and Nothing said about it by National, International or even Cumbrian wildlife and countryside groups. #StopMoorside

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