Stop Nuclear Energy Protests, The Hague, Amsterdam, Almelo, Everywhere: March 23 to 25

Nuclear Security Summit with all the razzmatazz of the Olympics discusses Terrorist Sellafield Deer? Meanwhile Sellafield dumps radioactive wastes in the sea, into the air, into scrap metal and into landfill for radioactive effluent to be dispersed to Groundwaters ….who needs terrorists with “security” like that?

Mining Awareness +

March 25, 2014: Protest action at the main gate of Urenco
Time: 9:30 to 11, Protest-Picketline in Almelo, Netherlands (more info below).
Stop Nuclear Energy by Stop
Image from press release. Sign: Stop Nuclear Power. Abolish Poverty.

Based on Dutch Press Release from Stop the NSS (unofficial translation):

The Hague, March 23, 2014 – The demonstration “Stop nuclear power! Abolish poverty” with some 250 participants, accompanied by an overabundance of police made its way through The Hague. After speeches by Jorien de Lege Greenpeace Netherlands) and Rene Oosterhuys (Stop NSS), the protest procession left the Hobbemaplein towards the Spui, where another three speakers closed the procession. 19 organizations supporting “Stop The NSS” organized the protest.

At the Nuclear Security Summit, which is being held this Monday and Tuesday in The Hague, 58 world leaders will discuss nuclear “security”. Stop the NSS finds it remarkable that the nuclear summit is only about the small likelihood…

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