UK Olympic sized nuclear cover up – and it has spread to Japan

Good analysis of the “decommissioning” lies …also We know that chopped up spent fuel dissolved in lakes of nitric acid makes high level liquid wastes these have leaked out into the sandstone aquifer below Sellafield and this is I suspect the reason for expanding the footprint of the site with ever those nasty expanding fences that have trapped the family of roe deer. We are the deer, the deer are us, trapped and involuntarily poisoned.


arclight-SmOP – ED   Arclight2011  8 December 2013

The UK has decided to take the cheapest option for decommissioning according to a recent report by the badly named Department of the Environment and Climate Change (DECC), as 65 percent of their annual budget goes just on the costs of decommissioning it should be named British Nuclear Fools.

The processes involved with “decommissioning” are a “corporate secret” but a quick google says that the cheapest option is dissolution that involves melting everything in Nitric acid (or similar) and this has been the cause of high NO2 levels in the UK that are regularly blamed on other industries or countries. Though La Hague in France does contribute.

The UK has been reprimanded by the EU for the deaths caused by this NO2. And in the UK parliament we hear calls to cut the pollution detection monitors as they give the nuclear hazard…

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One thought on “UK Olympic sized nuclear cover up – and it has spread to Japan

  1. Thank you, Marianne. Current policy down here in Somerset is for acid dissolution of the Hinkley A Magnox fuel element debris. Unless the NDA national decommissioning and waste policy changes to prioritise public safety, the ILW vaults will be opened up and the dissolution process will release over 500,000 cubic metres of poisonous radioactive gases into the atmosphere en route for our lungs and lymph systems. We’ve already got double the rate of perinatal mortality since 2006 and a 45% increase in Somerset skin cancers. None of the regulators will take action to put a stop to any of this.

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