License to Kill by “Special Permission”

"Im Sorry Mr Bond, but a license to kill does not include shooting deer out of season" .  Tell that to the Nuclear Mafia..
……..Tell that to the Nuclear Mafia..

Received a reply from Tim Farron MP today from our request that DECC take heed of public opposition to the cull of roe deer trapped within the new perimeter fences.  DECC who ordered the fences (which enlarge the footprint of the Sellafield site to include woodland and rough scrubland areas) say “it would not be appropriate for DECC to intervene.”

Sellafield has been given “special permission” from Natural England (another arm of government which is increasingly less autonomous) to cull the deer out of season.  This “special permission” must be REALLY SPECIAL because according to Natural England the only reasons for culling healthy animals out of season are “to prevent the deterioration of natural heritage or to preserve public health and safety.”   Neither of these are applicable at Sellafield ?!

We have written to ask Natural England what rationale they can provide for giving Sellafield a license to kill.…/species/deer.aspx

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