#SellafieldFreeTheDeer TONIGHT!!

The third demonstration was held outside Sellafield’s Main Gate today to Free the Sellafield Deer – Are Sellafield Listening?



*TWEET STORM* #SellafieldFreeTheDeer Saturday 9pm onwards

1. Put #SellafieldFreeTheDeer on every tweet , make sure its highlighted after you’ve tweeted it .

2. Do as many tweets as you can.

3. Share this info everywhere you can, fb and twitter.

Tips to shame Sellafield.

1. Include @SellafieldLtd in every tweet .

2. Send tweets to celebs and wildlife presenters (include @SellafieldLtd in them).

3. Forget the word “Cull” , this word is used to justify the Kill, lessen the harshness and make it acceptable to others. So use Kill , Murder , Slaughter . add words like barbaric, pregnant ,babies

Another person we can tweet is the MP Jamie Reed @jreedmp

Go for it!!!

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