Shame on You Sellafield - Free the Deer!
Shame on You Sellafield – Free the Deer!

Bring Banners Music Yourselves – the plight of the family group of 12 -15 roe deer is a symbol for us all.

If ANY other industry or individual were to kill deer in the CLOSED SEASON they would receive a hefty fine and or a prison sentence not so Sellafield who are it seems above the law.

There are a growing number of animal welfare groups who are strongly condemning Sellafield’s proposed killing. Many groups with experience of freeing deer from complex situations have offered to help. Sellafield have refused and insist on the blanket killing.
Groups include: Animal Aid, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, We Are Change Animal Welfare also Hillside Sanctuary and many others

For those who cannot come to the protest:
*TWEET STORM* #SellafieldFreeTheDeer Saturday 9pm onwards

Tips to help trend.

1. Put #SellafieldFreeTheDeer on every tweet , make sure its highlighted after you’ve tweeted it .

2. Do as many tweets as you can.

3. Share this info everywhere you can, fb and twitter.

Tips to shame Sellafield.

1. Include @SellafieldLtd in every tweet .

2. Send tweets to celebs and wildlife presenters (include @SellafieldLtd in them).

3. Forget the word “Cull” , this word is used to justify the Kill, lessen the harshness and make it acceptable to others. So use Kill , Murder , Slaughter . add words like barbaric, pregnant ,babies

Another person we can tweet is the MP Jamie Reed @jreedmp


Farmers have told us they have seen lamping behind the newly erected fences – Sellafield may have been lamping foxes or rabbits either way it is NASTY. The farmers are happy for the deer to be freed and have told Selllafield this


Sellafield’s refusal to Free the Deer suggests that they are not telling the public everything.

We have asked for sight of the government sponsored Deer Initiative’s 18 month study.  This study found neither the number of deer or the sex of the deer – so what exactly was the remit – and did it at any time include opening the fences to free the deer?

Our questions are asked under Freedom of Information:

1. The Brief/Remit given to The Deer Initiative

2. The content and conclusion of the 18 month study carried out by the Deer Initiative (paid for with public money)


3. Have any radiological tests been carried out on the newly enclosed woodland and open areas?

4. We would like sight of results of radiological tests carried out on site in 2010/2011/2012/2013

A. Algae on open ponds on site
B. Standing water in the newly enclosed areas
B. Lichen on trees on the newly enclosed areas
C. Fungi in woodland in the newly enclosed areas
D. Animal faeces
Closed Season


More info

Facebook isn’t letting me share here but try looking up Save the Sellafield Deer and go to Events if you are on FB

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