NDA appoints Professor Bruce Yardley as Chief Geologist of RWMD (Radioactive Waste Management Directorate)

New man appointed to push Geological Dump …However, the selection of Professor Yardley is not without controversy.  To his credit, Professor Yardley has publicly acknowledged that West Cumbria’s geology is less suitable than large areas of flat-lying Eastern England, but he views the current condition of the Sellafield site as so precarious and vulnerable to terrorist attack, that it would be better to bury the waste almost anywhere than leave it for longer on the surface.  This logic has a huge flaw, burying high level radioactive wastes under Cumbria would be an act of state terrorism with steam from hot wastes fracturing the already complex rocks and radioactivity returning to the surface through Cumbrias complex geology. Fracking with radioactive bells on, who needs terrorists?

Cumbria Trust

Cumbria Trust was interested to learn that the NDA has just appointed Professor Bruce Yardley as their Chief Geologist for Radioactive Waste Management.  For years the NDA and DECC has sought to downplay the importance of geology in the burial of nuclear waste, by describing it as just one of a number of factors which has to be considered.   The reason for this approach appeared to be the irrational desire to select West Cumbria as the site for burying the UK’s nuclear waste, despite it having some of the least suitable and therefore least safe geology for that purpose.  No other civilised country would consider burying nuclear waste in an area of fractured and faulted geology with fast underground water flow driven by the mountains above.  So in this respect, Cumbria Trust welcomes the NDA’s overdue acceptance of the importance of geology.

However, the selection of Professor Yardley is not…

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