Plutonium is Forever

plutonium wastes coming to Cumbrian landfill (UK nr Sellafield) …Not a joke or an exaggeration, Lillyhall has been licensed by the Environment Agency to receive unspecified “exempt” and High volume Very Low Level Radioactive Wastes …Cumbrians have done so well at reducing, reusing and recycling their household,wastes that they are being rewarded with nuclear waste to fill the “spare capacity” in landfill near schools and villages.

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“Plutonium is Forever”, by John Hall, No Nukes, 1979

Everybody’s wondering if mankind is cursed
He’s ruining the sky and the ocean even worse
But I’ll predict the cause of his eradication from the earth
Oh, oh, oh, oh, plutonium is forever

Now oil slicks someday will disappear
We’ll stop dumping PCPs in a few years
But there is one pollutant that we should really fear Oh, oh, oh, oh, plutonium is forever

When will it go away? For our purposes never
It will be here past today Yes, plutonium is forever

Now carbon monoxide can only steal your breath
Asbestos poisoning give the workers a horrible death
The aerosol in the Concorde make sure there’s no ozone left
Oh, oh, oh, oh, plutonium is forever

Now some want the oil companies to have to face divestment
And some want the utility to be denied the rates adjustment

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One thought on “Plutonium is Forever

  1. AND the reason for the proposed new build at Hinkley C and at other UK sites is NOT to ‘stop the lights going out’ but solely to burn MOX fuel from Sellafield’s plutonium stocks, regardless of the fact that this would result in spent fuel being stored on site for thousands of years awaiting the national geological disposal facility which will never get built, not least due to evidence from the only GDF existing so far in Mexico has been found to be leaking radiation into the local community.

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