fawn in the hands of Sellafield..
fawn in the hands of Sellafield..
RSPCA walk trapped roe deer out of fences
RSPCA walk trapped roe deer out of fences

Tomorrow – Vigil to Free the Deer – Outside Sellafield’s Calder Gate

We will meet at 1pm (till 3pm)

Bring banners, bring yourselves ….FREE THE DEER

Contact for the Vigil – 07970875866

Map to Calder Gate

The deer are trapped in between two security fences – the additional outer fence to go alongside the original military fence was ordered by DECC as security they say against terrorist attack.     Sellafield have taken advice from the Deer Initiative who after an 18month study have come up with blanket culling the deer.  The RSPCA is part of the Deer Initiative and they are trying to distance themselves while at the same time going along with the brutal plan.

In a reply to one of their campaigners the RSPCA say: The Deer Initiative say that there is no humane alternative to the cull.  The Deer Initiative have consulted with a renowned expert (the Sellafield vet).  We are confident that if there was a humane alternative to the cull it would have been presented during the 18month study. It is not the case that we support the cull but we understand the reasons even though we are saddened.

Why are the RSPCA so ready to cow tow to Sellafield?  The one solution that was never on the table is the ONLY HUMANE SOLUTION – which is to OPEN THE FENCE.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Animal Aid, and others are calling for the fence to be opened.

Here is a video of the RSPCA doing just that and walking the deer out of another similar situation.  WHY are they prepared to see an uneccessary and cruel blanket cull of deer.  Is there something Sellafield are not telling us?  If the deer are uncontaminated then part of the fence should be opened and the deer freed.


Terrorists would not throw a blanket over the fence and climb over as this video from Greenpeace shows..the fences are meaningless.

The fence is meaningless in any event as Sellafield is busy conniving to tip ever increasing quantities and nastiness of radioactive wastes over the fence into our landfill “releasing radioactivity to groundwaters”

If you cannot come along tomorrow – please write/ring the following (and anyone else you can think of) to Free the Deer

Sellafield :
Your MP:
Secretary of State in charge of Sellafield – Ed Davey :
Department of Energy and Climate Change      tel DECC 0300 060 4000

RSPCA ring the cruelty line and report a case of trapped deer – ask that the RSPCA get themselves out there to take a section of fence down and walk the deer out!
RSPCA – Cruelty Line:  0300 1234 999
Facebook contact/event
More info:

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