Radiation leak detected at New Mexico military nuclear waste plant – an annotated graphic

And this radioactive cesspool is held up by the UK government as a wonderful example of geological dumping of nuclear waste…
Come On!!!

Engineering & Technology magazine

Experts are monitoring America’s only deep geological nuclear waste dump after an airborne radiation alert.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) said specialists were assessing a “possible radiological event” at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

According to the DOE, an air monitor detected radiation on the plant’s underground levels at 11.30pm local time last Friday.

Officials say no employees were working underground at the time and those on the surface have been sheltered in place as a precaution. They say nobody has been found to be contaminated.

WIPP is the nation’s first and only deep geological nuclear waste dump, taking plutonium-contaminated material from Los Alamos National Laboratory and other government nuclear projects.

The incident comes 10 days after an underground truck fire at the plant prompted an evacuation.

Energy Department spokesman Roger Nelson said the 139 workers above ground were told to stay where they…

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2 thoughts on “Radiation leak detected at New Mexico military nuclear waste plant – an annotated graphic

  1. This made for an excellent reblog.

    While the FIRE and the RADIOACTIVE LEAK which are likely related have not been explained and the leak may be ongoing (haven’t even seen reports) the US Dept. of Energy Secretary Moniz went to the state of Georgia today to give away billions…over 6 billion dollars of “guaranteed loans” for two Westinghouse-Toshiba nuclear power plants.
    The company is Southern Nuclear but they are being built by Toshiba owned Westinghouse. Moniz doesn’t just look a mad scientist he IS. Obama has close ties to Illinois Exelon who in turn has ties to Toshiba. Greg Palast blames Toshiba for failures in Fukushima’s emergency pumps. If any US east coast nuclear plants (like Georgia) blow, Europe will get more than most of the US.

    We still have to get our post on WIPP together. It is very, very bad if you scratch even a bit under the surface. Just a few hours research it was obvious that the fire could have been caused by a waste leak and then they reported the leak. They have had all sorts of wells injecting wastewater or for fracking nearby. Carlsbad Caverns which used to be world famous caves (karsts) are nearby. The gov scientist said no karst near WIPP but many say there is. One quit or was fired for that reason. Karst sinkholes nearby. This was all political in that some said they wanted the facility for jobs. Anyway, all of that water will crack or has cracked the salt bed and it will either let water in leading to corrosion and formation of flammable-explosive gases and/or a big sinkhole like the salt domes that imploded in Louisiana (one still collapsing there). The water’s been shown to go horizontally across the salt bed near WIPP. WIPP’s been operating there since 1999 and 6 compartments are filled and cut off from ventilation. It’s a lot of the earliest nuclear garbage like Rocky Flats. I think one or two compartment “panels” have monitoring for gas build up, instead of more protective wall. The salt surrounds the wastes gradually building pressures which they hope will keep water out but if not increases explosion risk.

    Who came up with the hare-brained idea of salt? Anyone living on salt water knows that it’s corrosive. Ever since I heard of salt for storage decades ago it made no sense to me because of corrosion. Often common sense rules.

    Finland’s is the only one which seems to have been done right and because of location by the water it’s all wrong because it will leak and flood. Sweden built one under water and it has been plagued by leaks and corrosion.

  2. It is leaking plutonium and other things one half mile from the site! Did Sellafield ever come clean about its leak?
    “Elevated radiation found in air near New Mexico waste site
    Posted:Fri, 21 Feb 2014 01:25:14 GMT
    Feb 20 (Reuters) – Testing of surface air near an underground nuclear waste site in New Mexico’s desert showed elevated levels of radiation but did not pose a threat to humans or the environment, a U.S. Department of Energy official said on Thursday. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/USenergyNews/~3/8iuJtV5yQOk/story01.htm

    From the above article:
    “Trace amounts of man-made radioactive elements such as plutonium were found at an air-monitoring site half a mile from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and are tied to a radiation leak in the underground salt formation where waste from defense research and nuclear weapons production is stored, said Joe Franco, manager of an Energy Department field office that oversees the plant.”

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