Free the Sellafield Deer Demo

Radiation Free Lakeland have been asked why they have got involved in what appears to be an animal welfare issue.  A fair enough question.  We got involved because the only reason the militaristic fence was put up is to “protect’ the dangerous stockpiles of nuclear waste which includes 120 tons of  weapons grade/terrorist grade plutonium.

The reason the plutonium is there is because the waste keeps on arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing thereby creating more plutonium!

If the deer were on ANY OTHER factory site in the UK then this situation would not have arisen, fences would have been opened and the deer allowed to go free.  As it is the deer are viewed as collateral damage, in much the same way as the people living in the shadow of Sellafield.

The militaristic fences are meaningless while the nuclear industry/government keep chucking radioactive waste into landfill, out to sea, into the air and even into our pots and pans through the Studsvik metal “recycling” plant at Lillyhall.  Studsvik are corporate sponsors of Cumbria Wildlife Trust  who are supporting Sellafield in the plan to cull.  The wildlife trust claims that there are too many deer in Cumbria eating up our woodlands and that actually Sellafield are doing a huge favour by culling a family of roe deer.  Ironically Cumbria Wildlife Trust spend much of their time taking young trees out of woodlands to create butterfly habitat.  Why not let the deer create butterfly habitat?  Is it because volunteers like to work up a sweat hacking trees down?

There is no excuse for culling the deer if as Sellafield say they have not entered the site and are not contaminated.

There is more information for actions to save the deer and petitions here



6 thoughts on “Free the Sellafield Deer Demo

  1. Thanks for the Studsvik tip off!
    We found the following:
    “Studsvik RACE Here in Memphis, Studsvik-RACE processes large contaminated components from nuclear power and weapons facilities and super-compacts paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, rubber, metal (pipes, valves, motors, conduit, wire, etc.) asbestos, soils and debris in addition to many other activities. Studsvik, at its Erwin, TN site, “thermally processes” radioactive resins –some of the hottest so-called “low-level” radioactive waste from nuclear power reactors. Community concerns stopped the company here in Memphis and later in Erwin from opening a new nuclear incinerator, but they still perform other nuclear processes in both locations. (Their current website indicates incineration intent.) In Sweden, their origin, they “recycle” radioactive metal from closed European nuclear reactors into the everyday metal recycling market to make anything made of metal. They have gotten contracts to “process” closed nuclear complexes in the UK including the infamous Sellafield reprocessing site, attributed with radioactively contaminating the Irish Sea.”

    Ikea sells-has sold radioactive wood. Wonder if they sell radioactive pots from the above recycled metal?
    Sept. 25, 2008, 8:54 p.m. EDT
    Your furniture could be radioactive
    Commentary: Chernobyl-tainted wood works its way to market”

    Trouble with some of this is that it could be close enough to background, such that it is difficult to tell if it is normal variations or radioactive. Perhaps it is best to take a sample of your furniture and send it to a lab? This is worrisome.

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  3. Pingback: FREE THE SELLAFIELD DEER – THIS SATURDAY 1Pm -3pm Main Gate at Sellafield | Radiation Free Lakeland

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