No Closed Season on Sellafield’s Crimes Against Deer and Us

Abandoned Roe Deer being Nurtured
Abandoned Roe Deer being Nurtured


Dear Tim,

Please could you pass on this ongoing petition to Secretary of State, Ed
Davey. There are other petitions asking the same thing – that the blanket
cull of roe deer trapped incompetently inside the new Sellafied fence is
stopped. The petitions total is in the 1000s in a very short time.

It was DECC who ordered the erection of the fence to double up on the
existing security fences around the Sellafield site. The cull is inhumane
and unethical taking place during ‘closed season’ when the deer are
heavily pregnant. The fence at the woodland should be taken down and the
original fence reinforced rather than having double fencing enclosing the
woodland and trapping the deer.

We understand the need for Sellafield to routinely cull animals on site in
an effort to contain the spread of radiation. However, if as Sellafield
says the deer have not entered the site and are not contaminated in any
way then surely a more humane solution would be to permanently remove the
new double fencing in the woodland area and instead reinforce the original
fence another way.

As well as preventing the “need” for a cull, this would be a goodwill
gesture and would benefit the whole ecosystem of the woodland.

Roe Deer …
are native to this country and part of Europe’s Rewilding project. The roe
became extinct in England during the 18th century, but survived in parts
of Scotland.

Now they are back and are a joy to see with their velvety eyes and elegant
forms. They do exaggerated leaps high in the air (pronking) when running
but not high enough to scale the new Sellafield fence trapping them. There
is a season for shooting animals. But Sellafield propose to cull these
deer out of season in February/April over 15 days, shooting approximately
one deer a day. In other words this cull will take place when the females
are likely to be carrying young.

The New Fence…
costing millions of pounds encloses woodlands previously open and
accessible to deer . The government, through the Department of Energy &
Climate Change, has ordered the second fence in, they say, the face of a
rising threat to “sensitive” installations worldwide from Al Qaeda. The
“new” fence stretches 11 miles around the Sellafield plant. Rather than
culling the deer a solution would be to remove the double fence at the
woodland allowing the deer free access. The original fence could then be
reinforced another way instead of being double at that point.

Sellafield Reprocessing Plant is…
the reason for the Government’s extreme nervousness with 120 tonne
stockpile of plutonium. Quite rightly the UK Government gets hysterical if
other countries want to produce plutonium. Plutonium is the material
necessary for nuclear bombs. Reprocessing is a toxic liability producing
ever more plutonium requiring these expanding fences manned by armed
nuclear policemen.

The bleak and awful plight of the wild deer is a metaphor for the rest of
us – the nuclear industry will give us nowhere to run.

Please ask Ed Davey to stop the cull. We will not accept the excuse that
Sellafield are giving that this is of ‘wildlife benefit’ as there are ‘too
many deer.’ This is no management exercise where the old and lame deer
are selectively culled – this is an outrageous blanket cull of a herd of
deer that any other organisation would not get away with and with so
little media attention or scrutiny.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

PETITION ( and there are many others)

British Deer Society – Close Seasons for Deer

Security fence at Sellafield

Plutonium Mountain

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Sellafield Statement

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