Radioactive Reindeer; Chernobyl; Guinea Pigs: Part V of a series

Interesting that the International Atomic Energy Authority’s headquarters are in Austria, a country where nuclear power is banned. The idea of house swaps is excellent, George Monbiot and other nuclear apologists could move to Chernobyl or Fukushima with their children and swap their homes with the tens of thousands of nuclear refugees who they say have an “irrational” fear of radiation. Genius.

Mining Awareness +

This is a continuation of:

Guinea Pig with cat and tortoise

Granja de cuyes en ecuador.

Since we discussed an epidemiological re-evaluation of Three Mile Island last time, we found the following information, from our reblog post, of special interest:
The amount of radiation that escaped at Three Mile Island is unknown. Outdoor radiation monitors were spaced too far apart to capture plumes of radiation. Monitors within the reactor building were out of order. Traps for radioactive iodine had been inexplicably removed. All one has to go on are the health and environmental effects: the clouding over of dentists’ films…, the livestock keeling over, the one eyed kittens, a parrot breeder’s dead birds, vanished insects,…, tulips with buds on their stems, the metallic taste experienced by many Three Mile Island area residents-an effect experienced at Hiroshima and Chemobyl-and cancers and cancers and cancers.” The current US EPA rad net monitors are also amazingly sparse…

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