Exactly why did that detector go off and will we get the whole story?

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Cumbrians are not your nuke dump test dummies!

When the earth burps at Sellafield there is more coming out of the ground than radon. The foul stench includes the toxic brew from Sellafields insane years and years of reprocessing crapola which has seeped beneath the sandstone aquifer and extends way beyond the Sellafield site. Here is a an excellent report by CORE from 2003 outlining some of the radioactive crap being dumped into our groundwaters.


Cumbria Trust

On Friday morning, Sellafied Ltd. instructed its non essential employees not to report for work, due to “elevated readings at a perimeter monitoring point”. This understandably created huge interest in the media both locally and nationally. By the end of the day it was announced that “investigation and analysis confirmed that the elevated readings at that perimeter monitoring point were due to naturally occurring radon”.

It is commendable that the company released this information and responded immediately and in doing so they have also clearly drawn attention to themselves. That is probably a better course of action than simply covering up the unusual reading and taking no action. However, there are questions about the radon incident that need answering.

Radon is indeed a common natural radioactive element and could well have shown elevated levels at the northern perimeter of the site where it was measured. This UK national map shows…

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