On this Day January 30th 2013..Super Eddie Saved Cumbria from Nukiller Dump

Super Eddie Saves Cumbria from Nukiller Dump
Super Eddie Saves Cumbria from Nukiller Dump

Gratitude and Thanks to Eddie Martin!

Now the County needs to step up to the mark and save Cumbria all over again. The government is desperate to get shot of nuclear wastes, the plan is to dump Heat Generating High Level Wastes into our Geology and the Higher Activity Low Level Wastes into ordinary landfill.

Please send Objections to the plan to extend the Lillyhall landfill license to include Higher Activity Low Level wastes…it is madness!

Radiation Free Lakeland’s Objection (summary) below

Dear Members of Cumbria County Council Development Control and Regulation

Lillyhall Radioactive Waste Repository?

Re: Proposal to use Lillyhall Landfill Site, West Cumbria, to dump Higher
Activity Low Level Radioactive Wastes up till the year 2029.

Ref: Application No: 2/13/9007 Lillyhall – The applicant proposal would
include the disposal of wastes upto 400 Bq/g or 400,000 bq/kg Higher
Activity Low Level Waste

This time last year Cumbria County Council said a strong NO to the
government plan for a geological dump containing heat generating high
level wastes under Cumbria. We are writing to you now to urge you to
strongly oppose the plan to turn Lillyhall into a radioactive waste dump
for Higher Activity Low Level Waste.

There is a cynical and dangerous mission creep going on at Lillyhall. The
site originally only accepted Naturally Occuring Radioactive Materials and
then it was licensed over the heads of the council and businesses to
accept the newly classified “exempt” High Volume Low Level Radioactive

This “exempt” classification led of course to Sellafield dumping low level
and intermediate level wastes into the landfill and being fined £700,000
(paid for by the taxpayer). Now the European Union has classified
Lillyhall as a Radioactive Waste Repository earmarked to accept wastes
from for example Chapelcross in Scotland up until the year 2029 and
beyond. This is unacceptable.

Radiation Free Lakeland urge Cumbria County Council to refuse the permit
for Lillyhall landfill as a Nuclear Waste Site for the following reasons:

1. There is no monitoring once the radioactive waste leaves the nuclear
site in tipper trucks
2. The EU say there will be a “controlled release of radioactivity to
groundwaters” and that this will “not impact on member states” This is
3. Radioactive waste arrives at the landfill site in unmarked plastic bags.
4. Radioactive Waste coming into the county from, for example, Scotland
5. Lillyhall landfill site is subject to water ingress/flooding
6. Lillyhall landfill site is two miles from of the town of Workington, a
mile from Harrington and less than half a mile from Distington and a few
minutes walk from the Nuclear Academy
7. Adverse health impacts. The Environment Agency in its draft
authorisiation for the Kingscliffe site in Northamptonshire said: “It is
true that an exposure to 0.02mSv per year of ionising radiation would be
expected to have an adverse effect on human health…” This is from waste up
to 200 bequerels per gram – up to 400 bequerels a gram is being proposed
at Lillyhall!
8. There is predetermination from the European Commission that Lillyhall
will be the next Radioactive Waste Repository to take the pressure off

The EU Directorate says:
“A recent Hydrogeological Risk Assessment has demonstrated that the
proposed modifications to the design are sufficient for the controlled
release of radioactivity in the HV-VLLW to groundwaters.
It is
expected that the HV-VLLW will arrive at the Lillyhall Landfill Site in
skips or tipper trucks. The waste will be covered during transport to
prevent the re-suspension of dust and water ingress. Plastic liners or
super sacks may be used to reduce any contamination of the transport
container. The HV- VLLW will be loose-tipped to one side of the cell and
non-radioactive waste will be disposed to other parts of the cell. HV VLLW
is proposed to be deposited in its own dedicated cell and once complete
this area will be engineered in the same manner as the dedicated asbestos
cell, after which it will be covered with non-hazardous waste. There will
be no intimate mixing between the radioactive and non- radioactive wastes.
The waste will be tipped in such a way as to ensure that large gradients
in slope do not arise, there is no slumping of the waste and the addition
of a soil layer on top of the HV-VLLW is practicable”.

Radiation Free Lakeland urge you to refuse this application and also to
question the
“decommissioning” ethos of “disperse and dilute” rather than permanent
containment on the nuclear sites undergoing “decommissioning.”

Yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby, Radiation Free Lakeland

Fully referenced and expanded statement attached

Website: http://wildar4.wix.com/radiation-free-land

ACTION 1. Please Write to Cumbria County Council urging them not to give operators a license to dump ANY radioactive waste into Lillyhall landfill (info and points to make below)
The Development Control Committee Chair is Alan.Clark@cumbria.gov.uk
If you can write to all 18 of the Committee that would be great! http://councilportal.cumbria.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=124

ACTION 2. Please ask to speak at the County Council meeting tbc (around 26th Feb in Kendal or Carlisle). The more people who register to speak the more chance we have of stopping this dumping of radioactive waste in landfill.
Contact: Mrs Jayne Petersen, Tel: 01539 713549; Email: jayne.petersen@cumbria.gov.uk

Application No: 2/13/9007 “The applicant proposal would include the disposal of wastes upto 400 Bq/g i.e. that which falls within the lower end of Higher Activity Low Level Waste.. ” uptil 2029

more here:

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