Free the Sellafield Deer – Petition

Greetings from Sellafield - Save the Sellafield DeerTo Sellafield and the UK Government,


Please do not cull the herd of our native roe deer trapped within the new double security fence around the Sellafield Reprocessing Site.

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Please do not cull the herd of our native roe deer trapped within the new double security fence around the Sellafield Reprocessing Site.

Why is this important?

We understand the need for Sellafield to routinely cull animals on site in an effort to contain the spread of radiation. However, if as Sellafield says the deer have not entered the site and are not contaminated in any way then surely a more humane solution would be to permanently remove the new double fencing in the woodland area and instead reinforce the original fence another way.

As well as preventing the “need” for a cull, this would be a goodwill gesture and would benefit the whole ecosystem of the woodland.

Roe Deer …
are native to this country and part of Europe’s Rewilding project. The roe became extinct in England during the 18th century, but survived in parts of Scotland.

Now they are back and are a joy to see with their velvety eyes and elegant forms. They do exaggerated leaps high in the air (pronking) when running but not high enough to scale the new Sellafield fence trapping them. There is a season for shooting animals. But Sellafield propose to cull these deer out of season in February/April over 15 days, shooting approximately one deer a day. In other words this cull will take place when the females are likely to be carrying young.

The New Fence…
costing millions of pounds encloses woodlands previously open and accessible to deer . The government, through the Department of Energy & Climate Change, has ordered the second fence in, they say, the face of a rising threat to “sensitive” installations worldwide from Al Qaeda. The “new” fence stretches 11 miles around the Sellafield plant. Rather than culling the deer a solution would be to remove the double fence at the woodland allowing the deer free access. The original fence could then be reinforced another way instead of being double at that point.

Sellafield Reprocessing Plant is…
the reason for the Government’s extreme nervousness is the 120 tonne stockpile of plutonium. Quite rightly the UK Government gets hysterical if other countries want to produce plutonium. Plutonium is the material necessary for nuclear bombs. Reprocessing is a toxic liability producing ever more plutonium requiring these expanding fences manned by armed nuclear policemen.

The bleak and awful plight of the wild deer is a metaphor for the rest of us – the nuclear industry will give us nowhere to run.

Please Sign the Petition to Free the Sellafield Deer
Lets Work to Contain Nuclear – Not the Deer

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9 thoughts on “Free the Sellafield Deer – Petition

  1. Cull is just a euphemism for selective killing of the weakest and most vulnerable (yes, this is pretty much the dictionary definition). Why do they want to kill them instead of move them? Won’t they have to remove the dead bodies anyway? Couldn’t they tranquilize them and move them? Or, do they really just want to test the deer radiation levels, despite claims to the contrary? For those who eat deer: would you really want to eat a deer from near Sellafield?

  2. Rik W

    It’s all about money! A bullet costs less and gives them the least problems! Just like our government, they use a sledgehammer to crack a nut! Hopeless people!

  3. Sellafield say that the carcasses would be “disposed of ” by the contractor but that they won’t enter the food chain .. I’m not reassured by that

    They say that tranquilising is difficult because you have to get nearer than to shoot them.. Some deer will no doubt be pregnant and tranquilisation is stressful.

    The ONLY reason for shooting them is Sellafields cock up in fencing them in.. Although there are some who think they fenced them in deliberately for experiment. Government has told Sellafield they need double fences all way round at a certain distance. sellafield say the new outer double fence cannot be moved back to keep the same “sterile” distance between because of infrastructure BUT that is rubbish they don’t have double fences all way round the site at every point and the double fence at the point where the woodland is could easily be moved back to single and then just extra reinforced in whatever way at that point.

  4. Just to make clear regarding who runs Sellafield: UK-France-US
    “In 2008 the NDA contracted the management of Sellafield Ltd to Nuclear Management Partners, a consortium of US company URS, British company AMEC, and AREVA of France. The initial contract is for five years, with extension options to 17 years”
    “AMEC plc is a British multinational consultancy, engineering and project management company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.[3] It is focused on the oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets and has offices in 40 countries worldwide.[3] Roughly a third of its turnover comes from Europe, half from North America and 12% from the rest of the world ”
    AREVA is essentially the French government, as is EDF.

    Isn’t Prince Charles a hunter? He kills fox so surely deer. Is he going to shoot them? What is the foundation of the US anyway? The UK. The US was founded by the UK and was the UK’s prison colony for those, like the deer, who were unwanted. Australia came later as prison colony. Many were deported to Canada, too. Deportees would have included those who hunted deer illegally on the King’s land. It included common criminals along with those who rebelled against the abuses of the Crown and of London or were just plain poor unwanted. Some were kidnapped off the streets. It also included Royalists who fled under Cromwell. The Bush family is related to the Queen and other British aristocrats, according to Burke’s. Many other US Presidents are supposed to be related. The buck stops in London. If they could still get by with killing and deporting all of Cumbria they would. That’s the UK gov track record – kill and deport who and what they don’t want. And, they probably ARE killing Cumbria with Sellafield.


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