Sellafield’s Running Deer – No Where to Run on Cumbria’s Unearth

Roe Deer at Rusland
Roe Deer at Rusland by Marianne Birkby
Feral - Rewilding by George Monbiot
Feral – Rewilding by George Monbiot

Is this the nuclear age’s version of ‘rewilding’? Earth turned to Unearth, Sea turned to Unsea, Air turned to Unair, Roe deer turned to radioactive waste?

The Whitehaven News reports that “A HERD of deer is set to be culled after being trapped between two fences at Sellafield. The wild roe deer are to be shot after it emerged that their habitat has been enclosed in a large area between two newly-erected security fences at the site’s south perimeter”.

The fate of the deer is a metaphor for the whole of Cumbria. Any mammal that dies on the Sellafield nuclear site is automatically classified as nuclear waste and put into freezers until such time as they can be dumped.

George Monbiot and other nuclear cheerleaders are in the same league as Tony Blair in putting forward a blizzard of dodgy dossiers to facilitate a nasty and vicious pronuclear agenda. Remember how Tony Blair wooed people? Monbiot and others do the same thing, grooming nuclear compliance with false promises of carbon savings.

Meanwhile the evidence stares us in the face that to continue with nuclear is genocidal for us and the beautiful life affirming running deer who now have nowhere to run.

Will these wild deer form part of an experiment in the same way as dead workers did for years without the knowledge of their families?

Wildlife Culled on Sellafield Site
Whitehaven News 15th April 2009
“the site’s own wildlife officers carried out regular checks and work to make sure wildlife were not exposed to contamination.”
After the meeting, a Sellafield spokesman told The Whitehaven News: “Humane and approved measures are used to minimise seagull and pigeon numbers and discourage nesting. These include egg picking, trapping and simple good housekeeping such as keeping roof areas clean and tidy.
“It’s been extremely successful with a reduction in numbers of almost 75 per cent in recent years. Work is on-going to reduce this further in locations that are more difficult to access.
“In particular we are currently assessing whether to cull seagulls to accelerate their decline on site .

NDA FOI Response to Radiation Free Lakeland – March 2010 (12226767 NDA Response)
Dear Marianne
Please see answers below to your questions.
Question 1
Are there records of the other bird species held -apart from lesser
black backed gulls, herring gulls and pigeons?
Yes, we do have other species although they are in smaller numbers
because of the ratio of birds attracted to the site. These are jackdaw,
crow, wagtail, rook, starling.
Question 2
Are there mammals held in the freezers?
Mammals which have died on the site and been held in the freezer are
bat, rat, mice, hedgehog.
Yours sincerely
Simon Tucker
NDA Information Manager

Beatrix Potter’s Evil Master Plan, Trash the Woodlands, Replace with Woolly Maggots?

6 thoughts on “Sellafield’s Running Deer – No Where to Run on Cumbria’s Unearth

  1. Well put. These people make me so cross it renders me virtually speechless (or wordless).

    Monbiot’s book “Feral” and his recent pro-nuclear stance sounds like a combination of middle-age crisis/male menopause and either the repercussions of having had malaria of the brain-being declared brain dead two decades ago or of a promise by the pro-nuclear lobby to provide for him in his old age. But, who cares about him anyway. He’s just a writer; not a politician. Obviously, he is promoting the financial interests of the politicians and the nuclear lobby, but outside of ideological writings he is not a person of power.

    Beatrix Potter’s pet hedgehog, Mrs. Tiggy-winkle was an inspiration for the book “The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle”
    Poor hedgehog, poor deer, poor everyone.

    Even those who don’t love animals need to know that disrespect for life works its way up the food chain, just like the radiation.

    1. not brain dead I think Monbiot is one of the clever pied pipers having played a wonderful tune to take people along with what he says as GOOD, it is easy then to groom those same people into nuclear acquiescence. His role is I think important as is James Lovelock’s.. I have always intuitively disliked Lovelocks and Monbiot’s writing even when they are saying something I agree with …there is a superior sneer, a sense of eugenics, a lack of humility. Lovelocks Gaia hinted towards Monbiots, ” rewilding” push. Gaia extolled the virtues of cities and economies of scale, humans connected to the wild through tv. I read Gaia in my teens and disliked it immensely. Lovelock and Monbiot are both hyped up by the media into celebrity “environmentalists” who have “integrity and intelligence.” They have intelligence there is no doubt on that but integrity? Lovelock has worked for some of the nastiest most vicious arms companies going and Monbiot is using a privileged position of trust to accelerate the nastiest industry on planet earth.

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