Toshiba to FUK-CUMBRIA?

Don't let Toshiba Walk Away from Fukushima to Cumbria
Dont let Toshiba Walk Away from Fukushima

Don’t Let Toshiba Walk Away from Fukushima to Cumbria


It wasn’t the earthquake that caused the problem as the reactors shut down…it was

Only the loss of electricity to circulate the cooling water that was the problem.

Only, normally it would not have mattered as we have back-up generators,

Only the Tsunami flooded them but we still had batteries but they

Only lasted a day before they ran out and the reactors overheated,

Only we had to vent some radioactive steam to stop an explosion, and it was

Only a hydrogen explosion in reactor No.1, well, reactors 2 and 3 as well, but they

Only blew out a bit of the roof and the containers didn’t break,

Only they did start to melt down but not all the way. It was not a problem as we

Only had to hose them with seawater to keep the temperatures down and

Only a small amount of radioactive water flowed into the ground and

Only a little radioactivity was spread around in the local area. The evacuation zone

Only 10km at the start and it only became 20-30kms later and

Only some radioactivity escaped further so we

Only needed to evacuate 200,000 people.

Only the anti-nuclear people made it sound worse as they are the

Only people campaigning to stop us building more but

Only 4,600 have died from the Chernobyl disaster as the regulators

Only count the levels of radioactivity released in doses so

Only some of the cancers could be blamed on that, as we

Only use the official estimates, not the actual number of cancer deaths.

Only we have all the knowledge so you can

Only trust us for the truth about nuclear power – it’s the official story.

Do you?

by Tim Richards

Do you trust them – Toshiba, Hitachi GE and the dodgy nuclear cronies who built Fukushima? Well you’d better because having polluted Japan (and the Pacific) they are now setting their targets on the UK. Here in Cumbria Toshiba is being hailed by nuclear cheerleaders for putting money ‘and expertise’ into building a new nuclear plant right next to the most dangerous pile of nuclear crap in the world, Sellafield.

This is beyond satire, instead of being lauded Toshiba should be facing criminal charges and have their assets seized to be donated to nuclear refugees.

The cost of the Fukushima disaster will be ongoing – hundreds of billions of £s would not cover it.

Don’t let General Electric, Hitachi, Toshiba walk away from the Fukushima Disaster

7 thoughts on “Toshiba to FUK-CUMBRIA?

  1. This was just done yesterday in Canada on if the nuclear PR people are human.
    It is from British Columbia, Canada. The accent is a mix of Acadian French and urban North America so may take time to get accustomed to. Dana used to be a professional diver and is now in a wheel chair. He knows the animals in the ocean first hand and feels for them. In one video he speaks about diving in the Bay of Fundy. This harkens back to the Grande Derangement, where the UK government told the French speaking Acadians to meet in their churches; locked them in there and herded them like cattle to the Bay of Fundy, loading them on ships and tried to get someone to take them. No one would take them except William Penn took some in Pennsylvania; some went back to France; some ended up as Cajuns in Louisiana, and some seemed to have worked their way back to Canada — at any rate there are still Acadians there. Their plight was immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Evangeline”. A little known story. London-UK government has been doing people dirty for a long time. So very many deportations that no one speaks of or even knows about. They would surely deport Cumbrians today, if they could. To find the site on Youtube you can type Beautiful Girl by Dana and then go to the channel. On the actual video there are links to documents. Where I really agree with him is with the frustration of the university documents being locked away unless you have about 40 pounds to buy them and only trash left for the people to read. It’s like the Vatican Library I guess. Universities are now closed societies like the college of Cardinals. I suspect that many of those expensive documents are trash anyway. In fact, I know it.

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