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Theo Simon in correspondence with George Monbiot “This hole in the ground, or “Geological Disposal Facility” (GDF), is the place that all of Britain’s quaintly named “Legacy Waste” is supposed to end up.  To get a sense of what this involves I recommend that you watch the evocative documentary “Into Eternity”[vi].  It charts the excavation of a GDF at Olkiluoto in Finland.  The Finns have taken their obligation to the future far more seriously than the Brits, but as they approach completion of the project they are still vexed by the question of whether they should leave clear warning signs outside to deter future entry – in which case people thousands of years hence (who will have no reason to think that the symbols we leave carry any more weight than a Pharaoh’s curse drawn on a pyramid) may be tempted to explore – or try instead to conceal its’ existence, in which case someone may stumble upon it by accident.”

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In february 2012 george Monbiot wrote to me to tell me I was wrong to be opposing a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset and my response was published on this blog.  George responded and this is my answer to his latest arguments, which are reproduced at the end of this post, after my references list.

Dear George,

Thank you for your warm-hearted and generous response, which confirms that our concerns for the biosphere and for social justice are essentially the same.  In the current situation our points of agreement are far more important to me than our differences over this one aspect of national energy policy.

From the broader perspective of our evolutionary crisis, the way that our political positions get hitched to issues of identity and self-interest could yet prove to be the fatal flaw of human civilization.  We do not listen well to each…

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