Nuclear Train Crash at Silverdale

Silverdale Crossing*
Silverdale Crossing*

Last time Silverdale was in the news was the BBC’s wildlife programme Autumn Watch. Today it is in the news because the same area experienced a nuclear waste train crashing into a car on a level crossing. The car travelled for around 300 metres stuck underneath the train. Thankfully the passengers in the car had got out before the train arrived. No one was reported as being injured (in the short term) apart from the understandably traumatised nuclear train driver. The “train remained upright” and was carrying empty flasks. However it is not just the flasks loaded with spent fuel that are cause for concern. The National Radiological Protection Board has pointed out that empty flasks and even the trains carrying them have been found to be radioactively contaminated on arrival at a nuclear plant for loading with spent fuel**. The only reason the spent fuel is loaded on trains to travel through towns and villages to Sellafield is because of continued reprocessing. The nuclear industry is excellent at dislocating cause from effect and illnesses resulting from nuclear flasks hurtling around the country towards Sellafield to reprocess spent fuel that no- one wants, may ( or may not) take years to manifest. Collateral damage to keep the nuclear industry on track?


** pg 164 Nuclear Juggernaut the transport of radioactive materials by Martin Bond

Stop and Contain – Reprocessing at Sellafield is Insane

8 thoughts on “Nuclear Train Crash at Silverdale

    1. despite the rather sensational nature of this crash: lucky escapes, car being dragged 300metres, level crossing on nationally important nature reserve, nuclear flask train…there is nothing in the national press and some reports in the local press neglect to mention that this was a nuclear waste flask train

  1. Very low key coverage! If this had been an ordinary freight train smashing into a car and dragging it 300metres there would be pics and interviews in the Daily Wail ..instead the press is full of the “good” news that criminals Toshiba are putting money into new build in Cumbria. Toshiba are among the same people who built designed Fukushima are planning to further FUK Cumbria

  2. Frances Bell

    I was recently at a talk about thorium nuclear power replacing the current uranium method. It is a much better option, as it can’t be used for weapons and produces much less waste. That’s a whole discussion topic but as usual what was really interesting was the talk around the refreshments afterwards. I mentioned the leaks and lack of transparency at Sellafield and then found I was talking to a manager from Sellafield. He said that was all in the past – there have been no leaks or fudges in disclosure for very many years ! Their staff are certainly very loyal

  3. None of the reactors being planned are thorium’s a false argument and one designed to keep the whole shebang going ..thorium has to be dug out of the ground same as Uranium and the reason is was never used is because it is even more problematic to use. Aye they are all loyal in public …although privately there are mutterings.

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