Reclaiming the energy agenda: Bristol Anti Nuclear Gathering

Nukiller Waste - The Dance Goes On?
Nukiller Waste – The Dance Goes On?

Reclaiming the energy agenda: Gathering to discuss how to up-the-ante

This week, it was revealed that the Department of Energy and Climate Change is
looking at the option of a providing almost 90% of the UK’s electricity “needs”
through nuclear power. (this would require 4 Geological Dumps @ 25km sq)

Combined with the new dash for gas, fracking and new nuclear are being promoted to become the
dominant forms of energy provision within the next decade. This would leave the
development of renewables like wind and solar in the gutter.

Industry insiders have admitted that energy prices will not be brought down by
fracking. Meanwhile the government has just agreed to pay twice the going rate for
‘new nuclear’ energy – locking us into a future of energy serfdom.

It’s time to up the ante.

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance is holding a one-day gathering in Bristol on:

Sunday 26th January from 10am – 6pm

We are inviting anti-nuclear activists to come together with campaigners from across
the social and environmental spectrum to discuss how we can collectively raise our
game and kill off these energy monsters for good.

The gathering will also be an opportunity to start putting together a vision of what
a fair, sustainable energy democracy would look like and how we can put this vision
centre stage in the political debate.

If you are unable to make it, we’d appreciated it if you could send us some bullet
points so that we have the key facts about your campaign, what your main focus is
over the next 12 months and how you’d like to contribute to the energy debate.

The details:

St Werburgh’s Community Centre

Top of Horley Road, next to motorway bridge

St Werburgh’s

Bristol BS2 9TJ

Location can be found here.
There is plenty of free parking outside the venue. Local First Great Western
trains run from Bristol Temple Meads to Stapleton Road station which is a short
walk from the community centre.
As public transport can be problematic on a Sunday, we may be able to provide crash
space before and after the gathering if we’re given sufficient warning. If you are
constrained by travel costs, please talk to us. We may be able to hook you up with
other people travelling from the same area or help out with part of your expenses.
If you are planning to join the gathering, please let us know so that we can make
sure we have enough food for everyone.

email: Stop New Nuclear Alliance –

More info on the scale of the nuclear obscenities proposed..
is this so that we heave a sigh of relief – “only” one or two get built? NO…… Life and Nuclear Power are incompatible!

4 thoughts on “Reclaiming the energy agenda: Bristol Anti Nuclear Gathering

  1. Reblogged this on Mining Awareness Plus and commented:
    Time to out UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey:
    “…Davey’s brother, Henry, is a partner at Herbert Smith, a law firm that has a long-standing relationship with the nuclear giant EDF Energy…’Davey’s brother advised EDF on trading contracts relating to the company’s acquisition of British Energy in 2008. Herbert Smith has since worked with EDF to gain development consent for the construction and operation of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. .. Ed Davey made a dramatic U-turn by declaring he is now pro-nuclear. The connection with his brother’s professionals interests is simply too close for comfort.”
    Is this patronage or nepotism? Sounds like a bit of both. The brother helped majority French gov owned EDF buy British Energy. This is really major! Just go to the Herbert Smith Freehills web site and look for Henry Davey. The easiest is to do a search for Herbert Smith and Henry Davey. Very Shocking! We just KNEW there was something weird about that Ed Davey guy!

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