Taking the No Nuke Dump Message to Whitehall – Loud and Clear

Radiation Free Lakeland - No Nuke Dump! Whitehall Dec 3rd 2013
Radiation Free Lakeland – No Nuke Dump! Whitehall Dec 3rd 2013

Taking the No Nuke Dump Message to Whitehall – Loud and Clear

Every now and then the No Nuke Dump! message gets into the local media loud and clear. Getting the No Nuke Dump! message or any genuine debate around the proposed sacrificing of Cumbria, onto the BBC and into the national media is much more problematic and the cause of this problem is being flagged up by commentators and activists on media reform: The BBC’s journalistic failings derive from its nature as a creature of parliamentary opinion. If the executive and most of Parliament are uninterested in seeing an issue debated then the BBC remains silent – Dan Hind

In the case of anything tasting of nuclear this is especially true, if the taste is obviously nasty and brutal, such as dumping heat generating nuclear waste under Cumbria, the BBC largely ignore it, preferring to stick to stories sugar coating the nuclear pill or discrediting campaigners.

Here is a report in this weeks Westmorland Gazette which serves the South Lakes and Furness area of Cumbria, and following that, excellent home made, free range films from the demonstration outside Whitehall last Tuesday.

South Lakeland action group take nuclear fight to Whitehall

9:40am Wednesday 4th December 2013 in Westmorland Gazette

South Lakes activists outside Whitehall
A SOUTH Lakeland action group has travelled to Whitehall to continue its fight against using Cumbria as a ‘nuclear dump’.

Radiation Free Lakeland (RaFL) descended on the streets outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) on Tuesday, in a bid to convince energy secretary, Ed Davey, to reject plans to use the county as a store for existing and future nuclear waste.

The group say a new DECC consultation will exclude Cumbria County Council from the decision-making process. Earlier this year the council successfully rejected plans for a repository under Cumbria.

“This new process leads to only one outcome – a nuclear dump under Cumbria,” said spokeswoman, Marianne Birkby.

“We are fighting this not just for Cumbria but to stop highly radioactive waste being imposed on any community in the UK.”

Hundreds of ‘no’ letters were also hand delivered to Mr Davey.

Also: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=726979143996177



BBC’s Journalistic Failings – Dan Hind

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