Demonstration outside DECC - NO NUKE DUMP 3rd Dec 2013

Today representatives from Radiation Free Lakeland (RaFL) were joined by other groups
outside the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

RaFL says the new DECC consultation will exclude Cumbria County Council – the body
that successfully rejected plans for a repository earlier this year. Hundreds of
‘No’ letters have been hand delivered to Energy Secretary Ed Davey.

‘This new process leads to only one outcome – a nuclear dump under Cumbria,’ says
RaFL’s spokesperson, Marianne Birkby. ‘We are fighting this not just for Cumbria
but to stop highly radioactive waste being imposed on any community in the UK.’

Meanwhile On Thursday (Dec 5th) a demonstration will be held outside the Royal Courts of
Justice in support of heritage group An Taisce’s legal action. The Dublin-based
organisation asserts that the British government did not properly consult the Irish
public before granting building consent for the Hinkley C nuclear power station in

The Hinkley C site is only 150 miles from the Irish Coast. An Taisce, the Irish
version of the National Trust, claims the power station could have a serious impact
on the lives of Irish citizens if there was a radioactive leak or accident.

“An Taisce’s legal challenge once again highlights how the coalition government is
forcing through its nuclear energy policy with complete disregard for the health or
financial welfare of the people of the UK and its environs,’ said Camilla Berens,
spokesperson for the Stop New Nuclear Alliance.

Only last month, Naomi Hirose, president of Tepco, the Japanese company responsible
for the stricken Fukushima nuclear power station, warned that the UK should be
‘prepared for the worst’ in terms of a similar disaster happening here.

‘The danger of nuclear radiation are worrying enough,’ Camilla adds. ‘If you add
this to the soaring costs of new nuclear that are being imposed on the British
public through back-door subsidies, it is clear that the government is taking us
backwards rather than forward in terms of creating a sustainable energy future.’

The Stop New Nuclear Alliance represents UK groups opposed to the construction of
Hinkley C in Somerset and Sizewell C in Suffolk. Member groups include CND,
London-based Kick Nuclear and South West Against Nuclear (SWAN).
The Alliance maintains that Germany is leading the way in creating a sustainable
energy future. As well as phasing out its nuclear capacity, the German government is
backing massive R&D investment to make renewable energy fit for purpose in the 21st
century. It is also expanding the use of ‘bridging’ technologies such as combined
heat and power.

Kick Nuclear
Campaigning against the UK’s addiction to nuclear power

Twitter: @stopnukepower

Stop New Nuclear Alliance

Boycott EDF Energy

5 thoughts on “DECC – NO NUKE DUMP! DEMO

  1. Many thaks for your support! Loads of cars passing Whitehall gave us a supportive toot and a wave and people passing by stopped to say they thought that Cumbria had already said no…so did we!!!

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