‘The Gift’ That No One Wants

Christmas 'GIFT' to Cumbria - Hot Radioactive Waste Dump
Christmas ‘GIFT’ to Cumbria – Hot Radioactive Waste Dump

The map above is to scale and shows the size of the area proposed by government for a geological dump 25km square under Cumbria’s beautiful rivers, mountains, towns and villages. The discussions as to “where this would go” under Cumbria are a meaningless distraction – this would be so big and so leaky it would be close to everywhere!

This map does not of course include the access shafts or above ground ‘canning factory’ or the ‘sidings’ where the waste would arrive prior to burial.

Radiation Free Lakeland will be going to London on 3rd Dec to protest our opposition to the CONsultation and to the continued push for geological dumping under Cumbria or anywhere else for that matter. We will be delivering hundreds of letters to DECC (see below if you would like to add your name)

Geological dumping aims to put the waste out of reach of future generations. Cumbrian councils and others are insisting that the waste should also be retrievable. Retrievability is essential. Geological dumping is incompatible with retrievability. Geological dumping would mean putting the waste out of the reach of future generations and preventing them from ensuring their groundwaters are safe from radioactive contamination.

The reason Government are pushing so hard for geological dumping under Cumbria is to enable new nuclear build. A report from the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (known as the Flowers Report) stated that:
“… it would be morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power on a massive scale unless it has been demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that at least one method exists for the safe isolation of these wastes for the indefinite future.” [para 181, page 81]

This report still stands and was the basis of a challenge by Greenpeace over Hinkley C. Surprising then that the normally lionhearted Greenpeace wimped out and withdrew their challenge quietly in October. According to Greenpeace campaigner Emma Gibson: the Government had since disclosed the bulk of its defence, which she admitted showed there were plans for a waste dump.

Really!! Shouldn’t Cumbrians be told what these papers contain?

Radiation Free Lakeland asked Greenpeace and their answer is: The papers are confidential under legal process and cannot be released.

We have asked government under the Freedom of Information Act for the content of the papers disclosed to Greenpeace. If as Greenpeace have claimed it is “highly unlikely” the dump will be built and that the “implementation of geological disposal” needs to be seen to continue in order to enable new build then why drop the legal challenge? Either way Cumbrians are being subjected to huge emotional trauma while radioactive wastes stack up at Sellafield from continued reprocessing and the dodgy ducks are lined up for insane new build.

Hundreds of Letters (below) will be be delivered to the Department of Energy and Climate Change on 3rd Dec by Radiation Free Lakeland …
email your name and address to : rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com with DUMP ED DAVEY in the subject line to add your name

To the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Dear Ed Davey,

Cumbrians have said No repeatedly to a geological dump anywhere under this land from Morecambe Bay to the Solway. The new consultation announced by DECC is a narrowly focused set of questions with the aim of achieving a Yes response to a repository as quickly as possible by scrapping the rights of host communities to say NO. The consultation aims to give the few people on the Allerdale and Copeland Borough Council Executive the sole right to make the decision. Cumbrians have already said no repeatedly to becoming the nuclear dumping ground for existing and future radioactive wastes taken out of reactor cores and buried under Cumbria’s leaky geology.

Cumbria is not a willing volunteer for the geological dumping of nuclear wastes and the representative County council has already said NO. I say NO to geological dumping of nuclear waste under Cumbria.

Yours sincerely,



FLowers Report and History of Nuclear Waste

Geological Disposal

Click to access Geological-Disposal-Generic-disposal-facility-designs-December-2010.pdf

Rock Solid? A scientific review by Dr Helen Wallace -European Leaders are being misled over the safety of underground disposal of dangerous nuclear waste which could poison groundwaters for centuries

Greenpeace Challenge Withdrawn

101 Uses for a Nuclear Power Station

4 thoughts on “‘The Gift’ That No One Wants

  1. Reblogged this on Mining Awareness Plus and commented:
    The article also mentioned that Greenpeace may have dropped the case because of resources going to the Artic 30, which we feared. But, as far as we know the Irish have not given up their lawsuit! They did well to free themselves fully from the yoke of UK government oppression! That’s why they have no nuclear energy and don’t have to worry about a dump. UK and US citizens were not given choices when the nuclear age started. Nuclear Power produced the fuel for the arms race. Austrians were given a choice and rejected nuclear energy because no one wanted the waste!

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